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Direct Indirect Speech Coupon
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[100% Off] Direct Indirect Speech Free Course Coupon

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Direct Indirect Speech

1.0 hr
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In this course, we will learn the following :

1. What is the meaning of Direct Speech and Indirect Speech?

2. How to change the reporting verb?

3. How to change the tenses of direct speech in to indirect?

4. What are modal verbs? How to change the modals of direct speech?

5. If reported speech is universal truth, general truth or historical event whether the tense of reported speech changes?

6. How to change pronouns?

7. What to do with punctuations in case of direct-indirect speech?

8.  How to convert interrogative sentences , exclamatory sentences, imperative sentences  and optative sentences from direct to indirect speech?

9.  What change takes places in place and time while conversion from direct to indirect speech?

10.  At the last, there will be some revision.

Direct Speech means Reporting/conveying the message of the speaker in the exact words as spoken by him. In direct speech, we always use comma (,) and inverted commas (“ ”). This is done to show that we are repeating exactly the same words without any change.

Indirect speech means Reporting or conveying the message of the speaker in our own words.

No comma or inverted commas are used in indirect speech.

e.g. He said that he was playing.

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