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Diploma in Quantity surveying Coupon
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[100% Off] Diploma in Quantity surveying Free Course Coupon

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Construction Contracts, SMM, Quantity Take-off , BOQ Preparation, Tendering, Variation, Cost Estimation, Claims.....etc

15.0 hr
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This course provides an in-depth exploration of the principles, practices, and procedures of Quantity Surveying, with a focus on their practical application in construction projects. Students will learn how to quantify and estimate costs, manage budgets, and control costs in construction projects. They will also develop skills in contract administration, cost planning and procurement, and risk management.

Course Goals:

  1. To equip students with an understanding of the role and functions of Quantity Surveying in construction projects.

  2. To provide students with knowledge of various methods of measurement, pricing, and estimating used in Quantity Surveying.

  3. To develop the skills of students in preparing cost plans and budgets, and in monitoring and controlling costs during construction.

  4. To enhance the knowledge and skills of students in contract administration, including preparation of contracts, tendering, and negotiation.

  5. To develop students' understanding of risk management in construction projects, including identification, assessment, and management of risks.

  6. To familiarize students with modern Quantity Surveying tools and techniques, including software applications.

Course Outline,

  • Standard Method of Measurements.

  • Introduction to Planswift Professionals.

  • Understanding of Construction Drawings, Quantity Take-off and BOQ preparation from AutoCAD and PDF files using Planswift Professionals.

  • Tendering Method & Procurement Route.

  • Unit rate preparation based on vendor quotations and Pricing Tenders using Historical Data.

  • Interim Valuation, Variation, Subcontractor Invoices, Claims, Value Engineering, PS, PC and Final Accounts.

  • MS-Excel Techniques and Templates for Quantity Surveyors.

This course provides students with a solid understanding of the principles, practices, and procedures of Quantity Surveying, and their practical application in construction projects. It equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to function as competent Quantity Surveyors in the construction industry.

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