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Digital Marketing Strategy: G.I.F.T. Framework Masterclass Coupon

[82% Off] Digital Marketing Strategy: G.I.F.T. Framework Masterclass Course Coupon

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Unlock the hidden source of free leads that BIG brands have been using for decades, but 83% of marketers still miss

3.0 hr
15$ 84.99$
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The G.I.F.T. framework is a new and different way that has the potential to double the return on every $1 you invest in marketing. Especially now, when...

  • ads are becoming more and more expensive;

  • soon you won't be able to use cookies.

With the Digital Marketing Strategy: G.I.F.T. Framework, you build alliances and partnerships just like what Google & Nestle, Starbucks & Spotify, Tinder & Mustang, and many other big brands did.

The G.I.F.T. Framework is very different from the traditional approach in digital marketing because it’s built on a 4 stage protocol (Generate, Identify, Finalize, Thrive) and a win-win mindset. You create partnership ideas that provide great value for partners and simply ask if they want them.  That’s right- you don’t pitch, just ask! The “trick” is that each of these offers is a true winner for you as well. You just don’t put it in the first place.

  • The framework reveals 3 different methods to come up with win-win partnership ideas even if you have never done that before.

  • The 7-type resource auditing process allows you to discover which of your already available assets you can reuse and repurpose as a great value for potential partners without extra cost for you.

  • There is a structured guideline on building the Dream 100 list of potential partners and approaching them without being too salesy.

  • It also has a 5-step partnership readiness check-up system which lets you know when you are on to a real opportunity to grow your business instead of just wasting your time.

Even if you don't advertise, have no subscribers, and your brand is unknown, this will still work for you.

With the G.I.F.T. Framework, there are no entry barriers in terms of your marketing budget and the number of subscribers or channels you own. Here is my story. When I started writing the book "Startup Evolution Curve," I had only 10-20 connections in my network related to startups. I had no budget, no publisher, no name as an expert. But by using the G.I.F.T. framework for my digital marketing, I've managed to:

  • Attract 1,447 startups who spent 28 min on average of their time filling my research survey and sign up nearly 700 founders for an in-depth interview.

  • Get 30+ testimonials from international experts for my book before it was published.

  • Make the book one of the top 5 best-selling books on Amazon in the startup category and stay in the chart for four months.

You don’t have to pay for everything you use in your digital marketing campaign.

And it doesn’t have to cost you a dime to create value for partners.

When you enroll in the Digital Marketing Strategy: G.I.F.T. Framework, you get:

  • Lifetime access to G.I.F.T. Framework masterclass and all updates.

  • Watch over my shoulder workshops.

  • G.I.F.T. Framework Case Studies.

  • G.I.F.T. Acceleration Tools.

  • Personalized support and answers to your questions.

  • Udemy certificate of completion.

  • 30-Day 100% money-back guarantee - no questions asked!

Don't Miss Out!

Every second you wait is costing you valuable leads and sales.

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