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Diabetes Awareness and Prevention Coupon
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Duration: 3.0 hours

Risk Score, diabetes basics and diabetes education

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NOTE: This is only for awareness and education purpose. This is NOT medical advice. For your good health and diabetes related treatment it is always recommended you consult a qualified doctor/diabetes specialist.

The course is made based on diabetes in India as per the Diabetes Educator program. Omkar Mhashelkar is a qualified doctor and certified diabetes educator. The Course instructor Swapnil Karekar is a Life Skills Coach, Certified Nutritionist and Certified Cricket Coach.

The objective of the course is to spread awareness about diabetes and educate about how one can prevent diabetes.

The course is structured in the following:

The introduction is about dangers of diabetes and awareness. The main factors affection your lifestyle can cause diabetes. It has the risk score method.

The basics of diabetes covers topics like what is diabetes, types of diabetes and impact on your life.

Then the general diabetes awareness talks about pre-diabetes, symptoms and treatments.

Next the course discusses few cases and situations related to diabetes.

Prevention of diabetes by making lifestyle changes and understanding how diabetes affects you in talked in the course.

Self management for pre-diabetes, Diabetes is talked about in later part.

Lastly the basic roles of doctor and other support professionals is mention in the ending.

Hope you find this course as a basic, clear and important message to be aware and educated about Diabetes.

Thank you for your time and efforts. Be healthy and Be Happy.

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