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DevSecOps Build and Deploy a Website From Scratch (AWS) 2021 Coupon

[-132% Off] DevSecOps Build and Deploy a Website From Scratch (AWS) 2021 Course Coupon

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Learn React, Express and MongoDB while building a fun to-do list app and Deploy it into AWS Step-By-Step

5.0 hr
220$ 94.99$
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React is the most popular JavaScript library of the last five years, and the job market is still hotter than ever. Top companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Instagram, PayPal and Twitter are using React in the development of their tools and apps, so there's no reason not to learn it.

In this course we will begin learning the fundamentals of React such as components, handling forms and more, and we will be digging into the world of hooks. We will be explaining the basic hooks that are commonly used. then we will begin writing our front-end for our to-do list app and we will power it up with our back-end that we're going to write as well. After all of that, we will deploy our website into AWS and we will be using the latest best practices .

So in summary, in this course we will talk about:

  • React fundamentals

  • React hooks

  • How to create RESTful APIs

  • How to integrate Express with MongoDB

  • How to integrate React with Express

  • How to deploy our website into AWS from the Scratch

  • Using the Latest Best Practices from AWS to deploy the website 

  • Cost optimization so that you will not pay extra , only the necessary costs

There are no prerequisites. Just a basic understanding of HTML and, because you're learning React, you should have a bit of knowledge of JavaScript with its new standards (ES 2015+) , also you should be familiar a little bit in AWS and the Cloud Concept

Am I eligible for this course? Yes, if you are one of the below:

  • Developers looking to learn React

  • Developers tired of writing jQuery code and want to step up their skills.

  • Developers trying to build apps with React

  • Developers trying to learn full stack development

  • Developers trying to learn how to build a RESTful API

  • Developers looking to start into freelancing

  • Hobbyists trying to enjoy their time by building a fun app

  • DevOps Engineers that want to learn how to deploy Websites

  • DevOps Engineers that want to learn the best practices for Web App Deployment

  • DevSecOps Engineers

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