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Devil? Angel? Transform Wellbeing in Business Coupon
Personal Development

[100% Off] Devil? Angel? Transform Wellbeing in Business Free Course Coupon

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Investigate what is most important strategy for a good workplace

3.0 hr
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About this course

  • Well-being is a key factor in driving business. It triples innovation, increases productivity by 31%, and boosts sales by 37%.

  • It is considered the interest of Well-being in business is growing based on the data. We can investigate what is most important for a good workplace.

  • You will know the Devil/Angel sides of Well-being, Strategy and tactics.

  • Understand how to seize Well-being in business and initiate specific actions.

  • We curated this course based on evidences, books, other learning and time-efficient program

What you'll learn

Chapter1. Program concept & Angel Side

  • Course introduction

  • Definition of Well-being

  • Well-being is obtainable! Positive aspect

  • Psychological Safety will boost Well-being

  • Factors associated with Well-being at workplace

Chapter2. Devil Side
You will become a detractor for Well-being

  • Evolutionary psychology

  • We should not pursue happiness

  • Importance of negative events

Chapter3. Get together
Strategy & tactics for Well-being

  • Wholeness Strategy

  • Call for action, Growth Mindset

  • Relationship

  • Optimism

  • Personal Purpose

  • Wrap up

  • Bonus truck


  • I found it’s important to understand the concept of well-being in a comprehensive way, rather than referring to one thing in particular.

  • I understood that making use of our respective strengths based on our values in our work will lead to contributions to society, which will connect to well-being.

At a glance

  • Institution: Roy Ashizawa, Specialist of buz Strategy and L&D with 20+ certifications

  • Subjects: Well-being, Growth Mindset, Personal Purpose, Optimism

  • Target: All businessperson who are struggle in workplace, seeking meaning of working, would like to know how to acquire the long-term well-being.

  • Out of Scope: Public health related well-being topics, please refer to each country guidance

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