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Detailed Anxiety, Stress and Related Illnesses, Disorders Coupon
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[70% Off] Detailed Anxiety, Stress and Related Illnesses, Disorders Course Coupon

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Detailed Anxiety, Stress and Related Illnesses, Disorders Course and Lessons

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Anxiety and stress are at the forefront of the problems faced by almost every individual. Especially at a time when the world is closing in on it. This course describes what an individual will do to become his or her own psychologist, based on basic knowledge and findings regarding anxiety vestres. While this course will give you basic and practical information, it will also teach you and us what is actually happening and how we perceive it. This course explains in detail how we will go through these difficult days.

Anxiety, also known as anxiety disorder, is a psychological disorder. It is normal to experience occasional anxiety in our daily lives. Because we can worry about the events we face in time or we can have material-spiritual concerns about the future. Although it is normal to have anxiety in daily life, if there is an excess in the dose, then we can talk about a medical illness.

People with anxiety disorders have an intense, constant state of anxiety and fear of situations encountered in daily life. It can also manifest itself with panic attacks. This state of extreme worry, anxiety and panic interferes with the continuation of daily activities. It is difficult to control and manage, and it is not possible to predict time. Symptoms of this condition can begin in childhood and adolescence and continue into adulthood. It tends to decrease after adulthood.

Anxiety disorders in themselves; There are also sections such as social anxiety disorder, separation anxiety, specific phobias, and generalized anxiety. In this context, you may suffer from more than one anxiety disorder, not just one. Sometimes it may be necessary to reach a solution with medical treatment.

What is Anxiety?

Anxiety prepares you to cope with the problems you encounter in daily life and prepares the environment for you to make faster decisions. Anxiety is actually your brain's way of responding to stress and warning you of potential dangers ahead.

Approximately 18% of the society suffers from anxiety disorder, and it may progress to the level of illness with the degree of increase in the problem. A person with anxiety always thinks about the worst-case scenario and these thoughts are out of their control.

The social life of a person who constantly experiences anxiety and worry may be interrupted, his mental health may deteriorate and his efficiency in daily work may decrease. Therefore, the quality of life of people with anxiety disorders decreases considerably.

Who Is Anxiety More Common?

According to statistics, anxiety disorders are more common in women than in men. Anxiety is more common in children who were brought up with an overprotective attitude, and in people who always get negative reactions from their environment and who are suppressed.

As the negativities, traumas and unhappiness experienced in childhood increase, the risk of anxiety increases simultaneously. In addition, the presence of anxiety in the family or relatives increases the risk. Because genetic transmission is possible in this disease.

What are Anxiety Disorders?

There are several types of anxiety disorder:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder: A feeling of extreme anxiety and tension for no apparent reason.

Panic Attack: Sudden and intense fear can cause panic attacks. In the meantime, you may feel pain in your chest, you may experience sweat discharge in your body, and you may observe an acceleration in your heartbeat. Sometimes the process can be so severe that you think you are drowning or having a heart attack.

Social Anxiety Disorder: In your personal relationships, it is called the state of worrying and stressing that others judge your actions and ridicule them.

Specific Phobias: It can manifest as a fear of heights. People with this fear may worry about getting on a plane or living in high-rise houses.

Agoraphobia: In the crowd, when an emergency occurs, you may feel fear and anxiety because your mobility is limited.

Separation Anxiety: You may be experiencing separation anxiety when you are very worried when your loved ones leave you and you want to be in front of you all the time.

Selective Mute: While some children can communicate with their families by speaking, they cannot speak in public. This social anxiety is called selective mutism.


What Are the Causes of Anxiety Disorders?

The causes of anxiety disorders are not clearly understood. However, it is seen that factors such as traumatic events, various experiences, health problems, hereditary factors can trigger anxiety disorders.

Anxiety disorders can occur due to genetic reasons. Therefore, if any of your relatives have this disease, you are at risk.

Incorrect connection of the parts of your brain that control fear and emotions can cause anxiety disorders.

You may have an anxiety disorder due to environmental traumas (such as childhood abuse, the death of a loved one, or being attacked).

Health problems such as heart, lung, thyroid, sugar can cause anxiety disorders.

Anxiety may be a side effect of the medications you use.

If your family or relatives don't have an anxiety disorder, if it didn't happen when you were a kid, and it's just starting to come out, there may be a medical reason. It should be checked by the physician and a road map should be drawn accordingly. is.

What are the Anxiety Risk Factors?

Certain factors can increase your risk of having an anxiety disorder.

Experiencing sexual abuse or neglect during childhood greatly increases the risk of anxiety.

Individuals exposed to traumatic events are more likely to experience anxiety disorders.

Being depressed increases your risk of anxiety.

Worry and stress about your own health or the health of those around you can increase anxiety disorders.

Substance abuse increases the risk of anxiety.

The risk is high in people who are afraid of strangers, withdraw themselves, and do not communicate in childhood.

Negative thoughts and perceptions such as lack of self-confidence and being the subject of ridicule can cause anxiety disorder.

People with certain personality types are prone to anxiety disorders.

The information presented in this course is constantly updated. We know that the Udemy certificate you will receive will offer you many opportunities in your life and career, as well as improving yourself. Increasing the lessons by continuously adding the information in this course by your teachers, academics and expert technical team requires you to check your course at frequent intervals. This course, which is your lifelong access, will continue to provide you with more up-to-date and different approach.

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