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Design Simple Minimal Logos in Adobe Illustrator Coupon

[25% Off] Design Simple Minimal Logos in Adobe Illustrator Course Coupon

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Learn Graphic Simplification Techniques to Create Memorable Logos

3.0 hr
15$ 19.99$
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Hi my name is Adam, Professional designer and animator Based in Morocco Casablanca. And I will be your instructor for this course on how to design simple, memorable logos in Adobe Illustrator with easy techniques.

Graphic simplification is a method used by graphic designers to make memorable and iconic designs, in this course you will learn the necessary simplification techniques to bring objects into their simplest form through analyzing and sketching.

We will carry out a fictional project for an antivirus company whose only requirement will be the graphic simplification of an animal, in this case a gorilla.

This course is focused on the technical side of logo design which means we will not cover the briefing questions and other theory stuff, but you can download a document with the questions you can ask in the discovery phase.

So here is a brief list of what we will cover in this course:

  • Searching and analyzing Images

  • Graphic simplification techniques

  • Sketching

  • Vectorizing

  • How to choose the right Typeface

  • Presentation


  • Adobe Illustrator CC (I’m working with the latest version)

  • Basic knowledge in Logo design and Illustrator

Class Project:

For this course, the main project is to learn how to look at an object and bring it to it minimal form by utilizing shapes and lines.

After this course and some practice, of course, you should be able to design any logo in a minimalist way using the techniques you learn, so your brand looks simple and memorable.

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