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DeFined - DeFi and crypto passive income for Beginners Coupon
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[100% Off] DeFined - DeFi and crypto passive income for Beginners Free Course Coupon

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How to deal with blockchain, crypto, DeFi, how to earn while reducing the risks, and be ready for the 2024 revolution

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DeFined is a course designed for people who want to start learning about DeFi and don’t have specific knowledge on the topic. By joining you will be guided step by step to know all the secrets of DeFi.

The goal is to help more people to understand the blockchain world and kickstart their DeFi journey with the awareness of the opportunity, how it works, but also the risks.

The course is composed of 5 chapters, for a total of 25 lessons. Chapters will go through different topics:

01. Introduction to crypto and blockchain technology.

In this module, you will learn what is a blockchain, a smart contract, and what makes unique a cryptocurrency.

02. What is DeFi and why it matters.

Once you know the basics of blockchain and cryptos you are ready to dive into the DeFi world, starting from understanding what's the difference between traditional and decentralized finance. During this chapter, we will also explore the social utility of this new technology and how it will affect the lives of 2 billion people.

03. How to protect yourself and avoid scams

The third part is dedicated to security and building the right habits to reduce risks. There is nothing more dangerous than start using something without knowing all the possible dangers and how to defend yourself.

04 Strategies and opportunities

This is the module when we start using DeFi to understand what are the different opportunities and how to earn passive income.

05. Tools and future

In the last module, we talk about tools, and some useful tips and tricks to get the maximum out of the DeFi space. Finally, we go through the future implications of this technology.

The course is designed for beginners and doesn't require any previous knowledge about DeFi, crypto, or blockchain. You will be guided step by step.

This course is brought to you by DeFi Talks Youtube channel and if you have any doubts our team is here to help you. 

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