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Declutter Your Mind Space Coupon
Personal Development

[25% Off] Declutter Your Mind Space Course Coupon

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Clear your emotional and mental space!

3.0 hr
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A cluttered mind space can often lead to loss of focus and clarity, poor decision-making, insomnia, stress and feeling lost in general. This course takes you through a journey where we will work on decluttering our mind space and working towards our vision with clarity, focus, and intention!

The intention behind this course is to understand why we need to declutter our minds and how can we go about it!

The course is divided into 7 parts -

- Introduction - Introduction to the course and some of the signs of a cluttered mind space.

- Why? - Why are you as an individual interested in decluttering your mind space? What are some of the goals/benefits/outcomes you can possibly receive from working through a decluttered mind space?

- Vision - What is the vision? What is your current reality and what is the vision you wish to have in the future? How is a Decluttered Mind Space going to help you achieve this vision?

- Bring Forth, Honor, and Let Go - Bringing forth all the emotions/beliefs that exist in your mind space and organizing it. The next phase is where we honour emotions/beliefs that no longer serve us and let them go with peace.

- Bring Forth, Honor, and Amplify - Bringing forth all the emotions/beliefs that serve us, honouring them and asking them how we can amplify its presence!

- Practicing HouseKeeping - Regular check-ins to see how our mind space is and if we need to declutter anything that might be present for us!

- Outro

If you need any support and guidance, check out the Declutter Your Mind Space Workbook in the resources and feel free to ask me any questions, either here or in my community, Stress Busters!

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