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DBMS Module - 5 Coupon
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[74% Off] DBMS Module - 5 Course Coupon

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Current Trends and Future Directions in DBMS, Difference Between SQL and NoSQL databases, Relational Model:

2.0 hr
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1. What are the current trends and areas of interest in DBMS?

2. What is meant by Open source DBMS?

3. What is the meaning of Cloud-based DBMS? What are the various benefits of cloud-based DBMS?

4. Why is the data security a top most priority for DBMS?

5. What is meant by multi-cloud DBMS?

6. What are the various benefits of Automated DBMS?

7. What are the some trends that are shaping the future of DBMS?

8. Why the organizations are shifting towards Cloud-based DBMS?

9. What is meant by Blockchain technology?

10. What are various differences between SQL and NoSQL databases?

11. Which Query language is used by NoSQL databases?

12. What is the meaning of vertical scaling?

13. What is meant by Horizontal scalability?

14. Whether NoSQL databases follow ACID properties strictly?

15. How does the relational model handle data integrity and enforce constraints?

16. How does relational model ensure entity integrity?

17. How does relational model ensure referential integrity?

18. What are some commonly used constraints used by the relational model to enforce data integrity rules?

19. What does a Not-null constraint ensure?

20. What is the function of Default constraint?

21. What is the full form of “ACID” properties in DBMS?

22. What are the broad categories of data models?

23. What are the main types of NoSQL data models?

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