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Dating Basics For Men: "Dad should've told you" Masterclass Coupon
Personal Development

[-6% Off] Dating Basics For Men: "Dad should've told you" Masterclass Course Coupon

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Dating, personal development, coaching, love, relationship, social interaction, social skills, communication, friends.

3.5 hr
95$ 89.99$
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There are many courses and coaches that promise the great success in terms of dating. Unfortunately, I had to realize over the years that many men do not even come close to the goal which they would like to achieve in dating.

So I started to analyze the problem and quickly realized that simply the simplest basic knowledge in terms of dating and social interaction was not present.

It's a lot like taking a racing course without ever having driven a car before. Simply ridiculous. XD

Many men were simply not lucky enough to have a father figure in their lives who taught them these absolute basics.

That's why, unfortunately, there are far too many men who live introverted and socially withdrawn lives and never had the chance to acquire a healthy self-confidence in terms of dating.

For all these men I have created this course to give them a support in the most fundamental things. This course is not meant to be a set of rules. Rather, it should be seen as a guideline and stimulating to develop your own mindset.

In conclusion, I can say that this course is for substidiarity. Because only with help for self-help can we achieve long-term results.

Many thanks


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