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Data Analysis & Business Intelligence : MySQL for Beginners Coupon

[-12% Off] Data Analysis & Business Intelligence : MySQL for Beginners Course Coupon

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Learn to write SQL queries, with Workbench, for first-time coders

3.0 hr
95$ 84.99$
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In this Crash Course you will play a role of business analyst who works in a DVD rental shop
You will use only MySQL database and MySQL Workbench to achieve the objectives the are required by the manager who needs you to analyze the data

Don't I will be there for you, guiding you to from start to finish and assist you in your homework and project to explore MySQL database ( Community Server and MySQL Workbench)

Course Outline:

  • Into to SQL :

    I will start a quick intro to database and data analysis and how we can use SQL in database analysis

  • MySQL (Community and Server ) :

    we will install MySQL the community and connect MySQL Workbench to the Server and then how to connect our source database to the server and an introduction to database structure

  • Data Analysis - Single Tables - Part 1:

    In this section we'll start exploring and extracting information from individual tables in our MySQL database, and practice writing SQL queries to select, filter, sort and group our data.

  • Data Analysis - Single Tables - Part 2:

    In this section, we'll review the most common types of SQL joins (INNER, LEFT, RIGHT, OUTER, etc), and explore some more complex MySQL queries to analyze data that bridges multiple tables in our database.

  • Course Project :


    This Crash course is Targeted for Students :

  • Students looking for hands -on practicing MySQL data analysis

  • Analysts and business intelligence professionals looking to analyze data stored in database system

  • Anyone looking to pursue a career in data analysis or business intelligence

  • Excel users looking to enhance their level into business intelligence and database

You will get a life time access and a certificate upon completion

30-day money back guarantee

I am sure you gonna love the course, so let's dig in

This course gives you a deep, 100% comprehensive understanding of database fundamental ( Database administration will not covered in this course) ,and writing SQL code while analyzing the data. including sorting, filtering, and grouping, and connecting tables together and guide you through interactive, hands-on project every step of the way.

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