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DApp and Blockchain Technology Introduction Coupon
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[25% Off] DApp and Blockchain Technology Introduction Course Coupon

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Duration: 3.0 hours

DApp Basics and Blockchain Technology

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A beginner level course to any student who wants to learn Blockchain Technology and DApp from scratch. The reason behind using Blockchain Technology, the structure of blockchain, Ethereum Blockchain Infrastructure and the cryptocurrency used, the difference between centralized server networks and peer to peer networks are explained. DApps are introduced. Key features of DApps, advantages, disadvantages of DApps are explained. Smart contracts and the way smart contracts work is explained.

With the rise in internet technology, different types of advancements are in progress. Blockchain technology was one of the major advancements. With the invention of Bitcoin it expanded. In addition to Bitcoin, another coin called Ethereum was introduced whose value is second only to Bitcoin. Ethereum Blockchain Technology works with logic source codes called Smart Contracts. With the help of these smart contracts a user may perform a particular transaction and wait for approval as all transactions need approval before it is accepted. The way transaction gets approved and the process is explained with easy to swallow bits in this course.

Most apps use a centralized server system. That means the entire control of the app falls under one particular organization. What happens when the entire control of a particular app becomes decentralized? What happens when each and every party on a peer-to-peer network keep altering the app? Can we avoid that? How can we avoid that? All are explained.

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