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Daily Russian Language Course Coupon
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Travel, Business, TORFL Exam Levels A1, A2, B1, Family Life

2.0 hr
60$ 59.99$
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This Russian language conversation course will help you quickly learn everyday Russian language intensively but effortlessly thanks to a special optimized approach. You will learn standard Russian words, frequently used phrases in order to start speaking correctly right from the start. You will see all topics presented in 2 columns, one with Russian words and expressions and another synchronized with the corresponding English translation. Furthermore, the videos will allow you to follow the entire reading of the text of this course with Russian subtitles. This gives an optimized version of a real live lesson at school, when a student follows reading the text in the textbook, listening to the correct pronunciation and clearly understanding all the spoken text. This will help you to quickly learn the native speaker's Russian pronunciation with accurate Russian voice intonations. This video course represents a word-by-word reading of all Russian phrases from the textbook, which you can download as a pdf file. Reading is done twice for all texts: one is slow, which helps to understand the syllables, and the second reading is at normal conversation speed with a precise native intonation. The linguistic approach that is proposed to you is based on memorizing various everyday Russian phrases by passively listening to the speaker, understanding and repeating exactly what was said. This is an easy, fast and fun way to learn a foreign language. This approach will help you learn everyday Russian language in no time. This course is useful for non-native Russian students of all levels.

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