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Sample Questions:

A programmer removes OS software from a laptop during development of a new prototype for the company. After the code is promoted from development to QA, none of the QA testers can get the application to work. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause of the application not working properly in QA?

QA systems require a reboot after a new application is installed

Programmer did not compile the code properly

Programmer put the source code in repository without any validations

QA systems are missing patches

Which of the following will allow the administrator to be able to reduce Internet Service Provider costs for two sites that have replication as a preferred method for disaster recovery events?

Caching on two sites


Caching on one site


In a storage fabric, which of the following is the primary way to implement multipathing?





Geo-clustering protects against which of the following?

Data corruptions

Global disasters

Denial of Service

Regional disruptions

Which of the following virtualization implementations yields the HIGHEST performance of the same hardware configuration?

CPU emulation

Type I

Memory ballooning

Type II

A group of users can no longer access a number of different LUNs hosted across multiple hosts. Which of the following failures could have caused this issue?

CPU failure

Fabric failure

Memory failure

NIC failure

A corporate office allows employees to work remotely, using their personal computers to access network resources through a browser-based gateway. Which of the following settings should be applied to the virtualized application running on the gateway to reduce the risk of company information being transferred to employees personal machines?

Disable the ability to copy and paste

Encrypt the employees personal computer hard drives and disable the ability to paste

Encrypt the employees personal computer hard drives and disable the ability to print

Disable the ability to paste and read

A company has a virtualized environment. Hosts are configured to dynamically assign resources from the resource pool as required. Ann, an administrator is remotely connected to a host and is adding ten more guests. She suddenly looses connection to the host and fails to reconnect. Ann now finds that the server no longer responds when pinged. Which of the following BEST describes the issue?

Over allocation of guest resources

Over allocation of virtual resources

Over allocation of storage resources

Over allocation of host resources

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