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Duration: 3.0 hours

All you need to know to improve your communication skills & security awareness for great customer support.

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Customer Support in the Modern World – Crash Course helps its students quickly gain the required knowledge to truly excel within the field, focusing on the demands of today's world. After attending this course, you will have:

  • More positive interactions with your customers

  • The knowledge to answer customers' requests without intensifying their negative emotions

  • Less stress

  • More joy from interacting with people in general

  • Improved business and personal relationships

The contents of this course will increase the quality and efficiency of Support Representatives or freelancers (who in most cases provide some support, too) when dealing with customers. Support Representatives working in B2B will find this course especially interesting because they mostly work on building and maintaining good relationships with customers.

At the same time, we realize that many lurking threats are linked with using modern technologies and that Support Representatives are often targets of malicious Social Engineers. You will learn how to stay secure and help with protecting the company you work for against hacking attempts.

The course itself is divided into three sections – first the general knowledge about communication which is essential for customer support, then we move to some more support-oriented knowledge (which in many cases is still applicable outside of the job), and we end it with a section about security awareness and social engineering. Each section has subcategories and is divided into short videos where at the end of each section we provide you with a summary for your reference of what you learned in that section.

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