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Customer Service 101: All the basics you need to know (2022) Coupon

[40% Off] Customer Service 101: All the basics you need to know (2022) Course Coupon

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The course you need in order to know a little bit of everything about the job of customer service agent!

3.0 hr
15$ 24.99$
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Are you new to the job market and unsure what to do?

Are you trying to change careers?

Are you just curious about what customer service agents do?


In this course, you'll discover:

- Numbers about CS jobs and numbers + a typical day in the life of a customer service agent

- How to ace the interview - Study who you want to work for

- How a company is structured

- Cultural respect

- Common abbreviations

- Empathy and its limits


- How to negotiate with a customer

- A typical call structure and problem resolution

- Facts and myths of the job

- Teamwork tips

And more!

What are the requirements or prerequisites?


  • You can either lay back, relax, listen to the videos, take notes if you wish.

  • You don’t have to write down everything, you will be given the PDF of the course.

  • If you wish, you can debate with other students and ask questions, share your personal experiences, etc.

Let's get ready to jump in and learn a lot of stuff!

Format of this course: Me in a little rectangle in the corner reading a full screen PDF that I wrote for the students.

Only the introduction video is animated.

Not happy? That happens! Make sure you use the refund policy :)

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