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Currency Management for Small Businesses & Corporates Coupon

[35% Off] Currency Management for Small Businesses & Corporates Course Coupon

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Managing currencies within your organisation is essential for mitigating costs

1.0 hr
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Currency fluctuations, movements and exchange can be costly, if not properly managed. This course looks at some commonly used approaches to managing and mitigating these.

- What gives rise to the fluctuations

- Exchange rates

- Illustrative examples

- Proposed commonly used solutions

- Practical suggestions on where to find direction

It is sometimes an overlooked part of business, currency costs, but does not need to be.

It can be a managed aspect that gives rise to some welcome opportunities, returns and may even help your business scale.

For businesses in these fields:

•Importers–Exporters, Trade Commodities, Resources

•Educational Institutions – Universities, Colleges

•Online Seller-Trader, Marketplace Owners

•Engineering, Medical Devices, Equipment

•Real Estate – Developer, Agent, Financier

•Small and Medium scale business (SME)

•Medical Institution, Hospital, Pharmacy

•Logistics company, Shipping & Haulage

•Business Consultant, Adviser, Coaches

•Hotels, Travel Agency, Tour Operator

•Financial Advisers, Family Offices

•Accounting Practices, Software

•Manufacturers or Producers

•Freelancer, Gig Economy

•Fintech, Small banks

•Airbnb Host-Owner

•Sports Agents etc

Understanding currency fluctuations and what can be done about them is beneficial.

The ability or being armed with the knowledge is a useful tool to have that could help improve your profit margins, by reducing your expenses.

We faced some of these issues in our consultancy, which led us to looking deeper into it and I hope you find the course helpful towards your goal.

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