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Critical Path Method (CPM) as don't know before Coupon

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project management between theory and practice مقتطفات من كورس منهجيات إدارة المشاريع بين النظرية والتطبيق

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Critical Path Method (CPM)

طريقة الجدولة باستخدام المسار الحرج كما لم تعرفها من قبل

The critical path method (CPM)is a technique that’s used by project managers to create a project schedule and estimate the total duration of a project.

هذا هو التعريف المطلق والمعروف لدى الأغلبية

The CPM method, also known as critical path analysis (CPA), consists in using a network diagram to visually represent the sequences of tasks needed to complete a project.

Once these task sequences or paths are defined, their duration is calculated to identify the critical path, which determines the total duration of the project.

ولكن سنتعرض للمستوى الاحترافى لمدير التخطيط ومدير المشروع للاستفادة من المسارات المختلفة للمشروع فى تقليل التاخير ومدة المشروع وكذلك التكاليف والموارد

Using the critical path method is important when managing a project because it identifies all the tasks needed to complete the project, then determines the tasks that must be done on time, those that can be delayed if needed and how much float or slack you have.

Part of the problem is that many people don’t understand the purpose of critical path scheduling and why it’s such a valuable technique. The assumption is that if we aren’t certain exactly what is going to happen and how long every activity is going to take, then the plan will be worth little.

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