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Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test(CCAT)-Mock practice tests Coupon
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[25% Off] Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test(CCAT)-Mock practice tests Course Coupon

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It's all about time management

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The Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test(CCAT) is a general pre-employment aptitude test which measures your problem solving abilities, learning skills and critical thinking.

Quick facts:

  1. Duration                                                           :15 Minutes

  2. Number of questions                                       : 50

  3. Negative Marking                                             : No

  4. Calculator                                                          : Not allowed

  5. Points                                                                : All questions carry equal points

Test Topics:

  1. Numerical Ability( Basic Mathematics)

  2. Reasoning Ability(Basic logical thinking)

  3. Verbal Ability

  4. Spatial Aptitude

CCAT is all about time management. Questions would be simple to moderate in level. But hardly you will get 18 seconds to answer a question.


A hard fact is less than 1% of candidates answer all 50 questions in the given time. If it would be 50 quesitons-40 minutes test, an average performer can answer all 50 questions with great accuracy.

Conclusion-01: The question difficulty level doesn't matter in CCAT.


Normally, in between every 5-6 questions you may encounter one lengthy numerical (or) reasoning question which we may call a trap. If you start solving the trap, it consumes x 4 points time in your exam. By the end of that minute you will get the correct answer but by that time your clock will freeze-out.

Conclusion-02: Don't spend more than half-minute on any question in the first 12 minutes of your exam.


  • If you are able to solve "30 questions in 15 minutes with good accuracy" it is an above average performance.

  • If you are able to solve "35 questions in 15 minutes with good accuracy" it is a good performance.

  • If you are able to solve " 40 questions in 15 minutes with good accuracy" it is a very good performance.

Conclusion-03: Remember in all cases "15 minutes with good accuracy" is common.

Conclusion-04: Remember no need to solve all 50 questions in CCAT to impress your hiring manager.


Based on conclusion-03 and 04, trying for 40 questions in 15 minutes(Don't miss  good accuracy) is a reasonable idea which neutralizes overwhelming psychological stress developed by "50 QUESTIONS-15 MINUTES PHOBIA". Of course, even to target 40 questions you need a lot of practice. Remember, Practice is the only way to success!


This practice test series is bundled with 6 tests(300 questions) which mainly judges, your ability in numerical, logical, spatial and verbal aptitudes. For all necessary questions detailed explanation is provided. This practice bundle supports your preparation and takes it to the next level in terms of "Time management".

About ExamEkalavya:

At ExamEkalavya we have a good team of teachers who can prepare and solve CCAT level questions. All the tests in this bundle, are prepared by our faculty to meet the standard and quality of the actual test.

                                                            We wish you "ALL THE BEST!" for your preparation.

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