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Attend this CRISC Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control Exam will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam

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Sample Questions:

How are the possible choices of risk-based decisions are represented in the analysis decision tree?

final node

root node

node Event

decision node


You are the head of the HJK Project project for the organization. It and the project team created risk answers to many of the risk events in the project. Where you should document the proposed answers and the current status of all identified risks?

Strategy Stakeholder management

Documentation Lessons learned

risk register

risk management plan


What is the most important parameter while selecting the appropriate response of the risks?

Cost of the reply

Ability to achieve response

Risk Importance

Efficiency of response


You are the project manager of the HFD project. You have identified a number of project risks. You have adopted alternatives to cope with these risks, that does not try to reduce the likelihood of a risk event or its impacts. Which of the following responses have implemented?



To avoid

contingent response


A member of the project team has just identified a new project risk. The risk event is determined to have a significant impact but low probability in the project. If the risk event will occur will cause the project to be delayed for three weeks, which will cause new risks in the project. What should the project manager do with the risk event?

Add the risk identified in a quality control chart.

Add the risk identified for logging problems.

Add the risk identified in the risk register.

Add the risk identified for the risk of low-level watch-list.


A cooperation agreement is an example of what type of risk response?




To share


You are the project manager of the HJT project. Important confidential files of the project are stored on a computer. Keep unauthorized access to the computers in mind, you put a closed circuit hidden in the room, even for password protection. What kind of control is CCTV?

road worthiness

physical control

administrative control

Management control


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