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Credit Derivatives Tutorials Coupon
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[100% Off] Credit Derivatives Tutorials Free Course Coupon

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Learn about Credit Derivatives, Types of Credit Derivatives, Pricing considerations, Regulation and Risk

3.0 hr
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The course discusses about the Derivative market and understanding the forward contracts and its relationship with interest rates. This training are for all those who are new to credit derivatives but want a deeper understanding of them and how they work with practical examples.

The training will include the following;

-Overview of Credit Derivatives

-Types of Credit Derivatives

-Pricing considerations

-Regulation and Risk

The main aim of this course is to teach you what credit derivatives are, what the different forms of credit derivatives are. You will be also learning how credit derivatives is priced with the help of simplified assumptions. Through this course you will be also learning about credit risk, credit default swaps, credit events, credit linked notes, other credit derivatives, and what are the uses of credit derivatives in market. The course covers the in-depth explanation about the credit derivatives along with the practical examples for the proper understanding about credit derivatives structured finance.

Course Objective:

To understand the concept of credit derivatives structured finance

To get in-depth knowledge about the concepts with practical exam.

The followings will be taught in details in this course:

  • Types of Credit Derivatives

  • Credit Spread Forwards

  • Types of Credit Linked Note

  • Pricing Considerations

  • More on Pricing Considerations

  • Computation of Credit Derivatives

  • More on Credit Derivatives

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