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Creative Advertising & Graphic Design Theories for Beginners Coupon

[82% Off] Creative Advertising & Graphic Design Theories for Beginners Course Coupon

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Advertising Techniques & Graphic Design Theories + A Creative digital marketing campaign using Photoshop & Illustrator !

3.5 hr
15$ 84.99$
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Advertising & Graphic Design have always been associated with creativity & brilliant ideas right? Well, actually there is a science behind being a creative Graphic designer…

& This course is all about the science behind creative advertising & Graphic design.

What you will learn in the Creative Advertising & Graphic Design Course?

1- Creative Thinking Techniques used in Advertising & Marketing:

So you will learn about the thinking & graphic design techniques used in famous international Advertising campaigns from coca-cola, Pepsi, Mercedes Benz, Nevia, McDonald's & more...

2- Graphic Design Theories & Art Movements:

We will also talk about famous Art & graphic design movements in design history like the Bauhaus for instance so you can learn from them how to utilize minimalism in your designs.

Also, we will learn about the Gestalt theory which really explains how our visual perception works and how to deceive & trick visual systems sometimes & even how your brain is deceiving you yourself most of the time.

3- Graphic Design Compositions & Colors:

You will learn about Graphic Design composition rules & theories and how to organize your graphic design elements in balance & harmony.

we will talk about colors in graphic design and when to select a specific color based on its meaning and how to utilize strong color palettes through your designs & Ads.

4- Typography in detail:

and needless to mention that great typography is what sets your design apart and delivers your message in the strongest way & that’s why will learn about Typography Anatomy, classifications, terminology & how to control your type within certain visual rules, and how to apply hierarchy or even how to select multiple fonts together and most importantly where to find amazing fonts & even we will discover the most common typographic mistakes in graphic design & advertising and how to avoid them.

5- Graphic Design Elements from Scratch & Photoshop & Illustrator Intensive Training:

Also, you will learn how to create your graphic design elements from scratch using Adobe Illustrator or even get amazing graphic design elements from really cool resources

7- The Practical Part of this Course ( An entire Advertising Campaign) (Digital Marketing)

& By Now, you will be ready for the fun part of this course where we will brainstorm together for an entire Creative Advertising campaign, Where we will be using space-time theme from Albert Einstien’s general relativity theory to reverse time & gravity which is really cool, then we will put that knowledge into practice by designing the entire digital marketing campaign together using the industry standard applications: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator & we will be going through simple steps to make sure everyone can follow along even for a beginner this should be easy and also achieve minimalism through our social media Ads.

8- Great resources & Community group for feedback, inspiration & Potential Jobs:

you will also get tons of resources like graphic design files, great links & exercise files.

Also, you will get access to our creative facebook group where you can get feedback on your design or get inspired by thousands of like-minded designers from all over the world and even many job offers are being posted there constantly so eventually you might be landing yourself a job.

The Instructor is What Makes the course so special, Right?

Khalil Ibrahim is a Chief design officer & Design Academy Founder who studied Advertising & graphic design in the faculty of Applied Arts & worked in many international advertising agencies with experience of over 15 years in the design field and using Adobe applications. Besides traveling around the world learning about different Design Schools, Trends & Art Directions. He really cared to make sure you understand the graphic design tools, technicals, and concepts & to really learn it in a creative way to apply it like a Creative professional.

So, what are you waiting for, Enroll now & let’s think outside the box!

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