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Creating .Net Core Microservices using Clean Architecture Coupon

[100% Off] Creating .Net Core Microservices using Clean Architecture Free Course Coupon

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Complete guide to build enterprise edition application end to end

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Microservices are a design pattern in which applications are composed of independent modules that communicate with each other within well defined boundaries. This makes it easier to develop, test, and deploy isolated parts of your application.

In this particular section, you will be learning plethora of technologies coming together for the common purpose. In the first segment, you will be building Microservices module using clean architecture. You will also be implementing CQRS design pattern in order to implement the clean architecture design. Here, you will learn how to apply all the industry best practices together. This series is designed using .Net Core 6 and Angular 15. Angular is used in the client application. For that there is a separate dedicate course for that.

This course is part of Microservices series where in you will learn all minute details related to Microservices. During this learning path, you will learn how to connect the dots using different technologies and tooling. This course "Getting Started with Microservices using Clean Architecture" is the first part of the series.

Other parts include

2. Securing Microservices using Identity Server 4

3. Implementing Cross Cutting Concerns

4. Versioning Microservices

5. Building Angular Application for MicroServices

6. Deploying Microservices to Kubernetes and AKS

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IDE Required:- You can either use Visual Studio or JetBrains Rider, or VS Code itself.

In this course you will be learning and implementing following things.

  • Introduction

  • Course Overview

  • Architecture Overview

  • Project Overview

  • Branching Strategy

  • Layered Vs Domain Centric

  • Hexagonal Architecture

  • Onion Architecture

  • Clean Architecture

  • CQRS Pattern

  • Solution Overview

  • Demo

  • Developing Catalog Microservice using Clean Architecture

  • Introduction

  • Creating Empty Solution

  • Adding Required Project References

  • Startup and Program file creation

  • Launch property changes

  • Entity creation

  • Repositories creation

  • Seed data setup

  • Catalog context implementation

  • Seed data property changes

  • Product repository implementation - part 1

  • Product repository implementation - part 2

  • Get All Brands Handler

  • Implementing Lazy Mapper

  • Get All Products Handler

  • Get All Types Handler

  • Get Product By Id and Name Handler

  • Get Product By Brand Handler

  • Create Product Handler

  • Delete Product Handler

  • Base Controller Setup

  • Startup Registration

  • Startup Registration - 2nd Part

  • Get Product By Id Controller Method

  • Remaining Controller Implementations

  • Docker File Update

  • Running Docker File from IDE

  • Docker Project Creation

  • Catalog Flow

  • Debugging Catalog Application

  • Catalog Specifications Setup

  • Search Filter Implementation

  • Sorting Functionality Implementation

  • Sorting Functionality Implementation - 2nd Part

  • Testing Searching and Sorting

  • Fixed Catalog Query

  • Fixed Project Reference

  • Developing Basket Microservice using Clean Architecture

  • Introduction

  • Basket MicroService Project Creation

  • Creating Basket Entities

  • Basket Repository Implementation

  • Shopping Cart Response Creation

  • Get Basket By UserName Handler

  • Create Shopping Command Handler

  • Delete Basket By UserName

  • Adding Nuget Packages in Basket API Project

  • Startup File Creation

  • Program File and App Setting Changes

  • Basket Controller Creation

  • Docker File and Docker Compose Changes

  • Testing Basket inside Docker Container

  • Container Management using Portainer

  • Developing Discount Microservice Using Clean Architecture

  • Introduction

  • Discount Project Creation

  • Adding Project References

  • Entities Creation

  • Repository Implementation

  • Adding Db Extension

  • Discount Proto File Creation

  • Get Discount Query and Handler

  • Create Coupon Command Handler

  • Update Discount Command and Handler

  • Delete Discount Command and Handler

  • Startup File Creation

  • Discount Service Creation

  • Appsettings and Program File Changes

  • Docker File Changes

  • Container Issue Fix and Data Visualisation

  • Consuming Discount Microservice from Basket Microservice

  • Introduction

  • Consuming Discount Microservice

  • Calling Discount Microservice from Basket

  • Removing the Redundant References

  • Docker Volume Issue

  • Debugging Basket and Discount Service

  • Running Discount and Basket Microservice from Container

  • Developing Ordering Microservice using Clean Architecture

  • Introduction

  • Ordering Project Creation

  • Implementing Ordering Core

  • Adding Nuget Packages in Infrastructure

  • Order Context Creation

  • Creating OrderContextFactory and Seed Data

  • Async Repository Implementation

  • Order Repository Implementation

  • Adding Extensions

  • Creating Application Project Folders

  • Get Order List Query and Handler

  • Checkout Order Command Handler

  • Update Order Handler

  • Delete Order Command handler

  • Adding Fluent Validation

  • Validation Exception

  • Update Order Command Validator

  • Unhandled Exception Behaviour

  • Adding Service Registrations

  • Adding Nuget Packages in Ordering API

  • Startup Creation

  • Creating Db Extension

  • Program File Creation

  • Controller Creation Part 1

  • Controller Creation Part 2

  • Docker file changes

  • Running Containers Locally

  • Fixing Container Issue

  • Testing All Methods on swagger

  • Async Communication between Rabbit MQ, Basket and Ordering Microservice

  • Introduction

  • Creating Event Bus Project

  • Adding Mass Transit Nuget Packages

  • Startup Changes for Mass Transit

  • Publishing Basket Checkout Event - 1st Part

  • Publishing Basket Checkout Event - 2nd Part

  • Testing Basket Checkout Event

  • Event Bus Docker Issue

  • Testing Checkout Event using Docker

  • Adding Nuget Packages and Project Reference

  • Ordering Startup Changes

  • Basket Ordering Consumer Implementation

  • Issue At Consumer End

  • Fixing Container issue

  • Application Gateway Implementation

  • Introduction

  • Project Creation

  • Startup File Changes

  • Program File changes

  • Ocelot Configuration Changes

  • Converting the Project as Web Project

  • Docker File Changes

  • Gateway Issue

  • Gateway Demo

  • Whats Next

On top of that, you will learn how to write quality code. 99% time you guys will be coding along with me. Hence, you will be learning not only the theory part but rather its implementation as well.

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