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Create Your Own Professional Quality Affirmations At Home Coupon
Personal Development

[25% Off] Create Your Own Professional Quality Affirmations At Home Course Coupon

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A powerful tool for self-mastery

4.0 hr
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In this course, you will learn the power of affirmations, and how to create your own! You will move from being a 'mindfulness amateur who writes their affirmations in a journal, into a creative wiz who will be able to not only record, but also sell your affirmations as a holistic & professional service!

Hello everyone! I'm your course instructor Gabriel and I admit that affirmations have changed my life. I have personally found that affirmations are the single most profound way to program my mind. Once introduced I like many other began to listen daily, but then I caught the bug and started to listen literally 24/7. This led me to wanting to create my own and why I am able to bring this to you!

I'm sure you've listened to affirmations online and thought... "hmmm, I wonder how they do this?"

Have you ever wondered what software & recording equipment is used to get the sound you experience in other professional audios & affirmations?

What about the specific word tracks?

Is there a specific way to write affirmations for ultimate benefit?

This course is for anyone who:

1. wants to add a powerful too to their healing practice

2. wants to add a personal mindfulness tool that works

3. is interested in becoming a more complete holistic practitioner

4. anyone who is new to using technology but wants to create amazing affirmations

By joining 'How To Create Professional Quality Affirmations At Home!' you will be able to download all course material & follow along with our live recorded affirmation sessions. Instead of just telling you how to create affirmations with theory, I will be personally guiding you behind the scenes of the creation process so you can learn exactly how I create affirmations that I am able to service professionally to patients & clients. You will learn everything required to create powerful affirmations with the quality that will keep your audience coming back for more!

Don't wait! Learn valuable recording & editing skills that you will be able to apply to all of your future & current creations!

I am so grateful you are able to join me on this journey of mastering the tools which help us master our minds.

There is no better time than now.

This course includes:

- Hours of downloadable content

- Live 'follow along' sessions for a deeper understanding (we hold nothing back!)

- Access to our Finally Detached community

- In-depth dive into the software that is needed & how to use it!

- Downloadable video lectures for memorization and easy access

- 2 affirmation sets for grounding (these are for your use!)

- In-depth dive into the recording equipment that I use & currently recommend

- Mastering a powerful mindfulness tool

- Knowledge to help increase your creativity

- skills that will leak into all aspects of your holistic business

- Learning a holistic self-improvement modality

- Downloadable meditation for having a great day

- Downloadable sound healing to add to your affirmations (commercial use allowed)

- Basic recording at home for studio sound

- A creative skill to add more revenue to your holistic practice

- A secret mindfulness tool! (affirmations)

- Create different types of high quality recorded affirmations

- learning basics to mastering audio recordings & more!

Join us for this amazing offer!!!

Your Journey Awaits

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