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Create Fast, High-Quality, Video Content Using InVideo Coupon

[100% Off] Create Fast, High-Quality, Video Content Using InVideo Free Course Coupon

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Perfect for Social Media Managers & Marketers

3.0 hr
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In today's fast-paced social media world, marketers and managers often have to do more than just manage their social presence online, they have to create quality content consistently and quickly.

This course will show you how to take advantage of InVideo, an online video editing platform, with tremendous resources for creating high-quality videos. Learn how to customize their templates to create your messaging for social outlets. Easily maintain your voice and branding with tools like Brand Presets, and Text-To-Video.

By the end of this short course you will be able to take any idea you have in your mind and create a shareable video. Regardless of whether you think of yourself as a "creative" or not, this course will help you navigate InVideo and create quality videos consistently.

There is no need to pay someone else to create video content for you, with InVideo you can save hours of time by using prebuilt templates with easy modifications to match any messaging you need.

If you aren't tech savvy and editing video in your browser seems daunting or scary, this course will help you feel at ease with InVideo's layout and offerings. The course is broken down into bitesized so you can easily grasp concepts and begin creating in no time.

As an instructor, I have taught storytelling and digital content creation for nearly 2 decades. There are powerful Non-linear editors, that I have taught for years and created classes for here on Udemy, that professionals use. These editing softwares can be expensive and take years to master. What's more is that they would be overkill for most small social media or marketing videos. InVideo has all the functionality you need to create high-quality content quickly. Beyond the functionality for creating videos, InVideo provides an unbelievable amount of stock footage for every possible topic you might need.

InVideo offers:

  • 1000s of templates that cover all the bases

  • Watermark Free Final Videos

  • Millions of stock images and footage ( that can be really expensive if purchased individually)

  • Content Calendaring content

  • Multiple formats for every platform; Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Stories, etc.

  • Turn Text into Videos in less than 5 min.

  • Background removal for images

  • Automated text-to-speech

  • Brand Presets and so much more

As an instructor on Udemy, I am always available to answer questions and help you succeed! I will continue to build on this course. Look for new lessons covering new features and answering common questions.

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