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Create 2D Animation in After Effects (Beginner Level) Coupon

[100% Off] Create 2D Animation in After Effects (Beginner Level) Free Course Coupon

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2D Animation In After Effects

1.5 hr
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In this course, you will learn to make professional-looking 2d animation with a basic knowledge of animation. We will animate a storyboard from the beginning to the end. The skills you will learn in this class are essential. Because you will learn how to create your own 2d animation works.

My personal purpose is to help anyone interested in Animation to start practising with whole a storyboard, learn the fundamentals of After Effects, the basic principles of 2d animation and transition between the scenes.

You don't need to be able to draw in 2d animation. You can animate any work that you can create with the help of Freepik, Shutterstock etc.

Drawing is not an essential skill in this area, you better understand the principles of animation.

Concepts that Thomas and Johnson, 2 of the animation masters in Disney talk about in their famous book, Illusion of Life.

This course will help you to understand how to animate a concept work in After Effects. With this course, you will make excited your audience.

By the end of this class, you will learn;

The basic structure of After Effects,

4 fundamental principles of creating 2d animation scenes,

4 essential parameters to animate,

Editing speed style with the graph editor,

Layering the scenes in Illustrator and importing them to After Effects,

Simple text animations,

To Animate home, driving and picnic scenes,

To animate an arm,

Parenting objects,

Using a matte,

Looping a movement,


Compound all scenes in the main composition,

Making a gradient transition between the scenes,

And Rendering the animation.

To begin this course, what you need is only your own passion. You are not expected to know anything about Adobe After Effects or Illustrator.

So, see you at my class.

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