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Crash Course in Basic Thai Speaking Coupon
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[-100% Off] Crash Course in Basic Thai Speaking Course Coupon

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Embark on Your Thai Language Speaking Adventure: Building Essential Basic Speaking Skills with Native Thai!

2.0 hr
40$ 19.99$
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About the course

This course conveys a complete overview of Thai basic conversation in real-life situations. It is designed for all Thai leaner beginners. So, it is okay if you have ZERO knowledge of Thai. I will guide you through each step starting from the beginning.

Once you finished this course, you will be able to:

You will be able to start a basic conversation with strangers in Thai. This course will guide you on how to greet, ask simple questions, and talk about yourself.

This course covers:

- Thai Tones which are one of the most difficult that most Thai learners have to face

- Greeting and Basic self-introduction

- Asking for directions

- What to say when you are sick

- Basic Thai words and how to apply them in sentence formation

Each country has a unique culture, and language is also a cultural indicator of each nation. In this course, you will also acknowledge basic Thai manners and fun facts about Thai so that you will be able to apply the Thai language more properly and nicely.

You will expand your Thai word bank through lessons and practice sessions. For example, body parts, weather, directions, etc. Then, you can make use of those words by applying them in sentences. These sentences that you’re going to learn will benefit you during your time in Thailand because they’re simple and appeared in everyday conversation.

Learning Thai

Picking up a new language, you usually have this question. Is it hard to learn? As a Thai learner, you might also wonder whether it is hard to learn Thai.

Well, of course, it is. The Thai language is not easy or else everyone could speak Thai. However, it is not too difficult to learn. The most important thing in learning any language is to be open-minded and consistent. Practice does make perfect. The more you practice the closer you will reach your goal.

So, don’t hesitate to join me in this Basic Thai Speaking course. Let’s get started!!

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