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CPIM( Certified in Planning & Inventory Mgmt )  Preparation Coupon

[25% Off] CPIM( Certified in Planning & Inventory Mgmt ) Preparation Course Coupon

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Masterclass with Well-proven Strategies to Clear CPIM in First Attempt

2.0 hr
15$ 19.99$
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Are you appearing for the CPIM exam? Do you want to clear it on the first attempt?

Congratulations !!!! You are at the right place.

You have found the Number .1 course on Udemy for CPIM preparation.


There are several benefits to getting APICS CPIM (Certified in Planning and Inventory Management) certified:

  1. Enhanced Knowledge: The APICS CPIM certification provides a comprehensive understanding of production and inventory management principles, tools, and techniques. This knowledge can help professionals to make informed decisions, improve operations, and increase efficiency.

  2. Career Advancement: APICS CPIM certification is recognized globally, and it demonstrates a commitment to professionalism and excellence in the field of production and inventory management. It can open up new career opportunities and can help individuals to advance in their careers.

  3. Increased Earning Potential: According to the APICS 2021 Supply Chain Compensation and Career Survey, professionals with an APICS CPIM certification earn on average 12% more than those without the certification.

  4. Competitive Edge: The APICS CPIM certification sets professionals apart from others in the field, and it can give them a competitive edge in the job market.

  5. Industry Recognition: The APICS CPIM certification is recognized by industry professionals, employers, and supply chain organizations worldwide. It signifies a commitment to best practices and continuous improvement in production and inventory management.

Overall, getting APICS CPIM certified can help professionals to improve their knowledge, advance their careers, increase their earning potential, and gain a competitive edge in the job market.

As per APICS data published only 60-70% of students pass the exam every year. That is after allowing multiple retakes. This means less than 50% of students are passing the exam on the first attempt. Since the retake cost is huge around 400 dollars, clearing it on the first attempt is very crucial. ( See the promo video for a detailed explanation of this )

This course will give you the right direction to clear it on the first attempt. These techniques and strategies I used when appearing for the CPIM exam helped many in the past including myself.

This course will equip you with the historically well-proven right strategies, right resources, and right techniques to clear the exam on the very first attempt.

Here's what Udemy students are saying about  "CPIM( Certified in Planning & Inventory Mgmt )  Preparation"

"The explanation is simple yet easy to understand. Now i know what to do before cpim " - Nor

"I am taking this course because my coworker- a supply chain manager- suggested it to me. After a few changes to the course I had to update my review. I realize in my current job that I am exposed to a lot of the content in the class. So, this was helpful and meaningful to me." - Cathy

"Very Good Course. I didn't find similar course anywhere on udemy or other places " - Aditi

"So far so good "- Michael

"Highly Informative. This content is not available anywhere else." - Akash

"Must do course by CPIM aspirants." - Sachin

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