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Course Design of Bolted Connection Coupon

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Course Design of Bolted Connection using Autodesk Inventor and Ansys

3.0 hr
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I noticed that most people who study or take courses in sheet metal focus on programs such as Solid Works and others. In fact, this is completely wrong. Because the student is a learner of the Soviet Union. Zero the basics of design.. and when this student comes to complete the mechanical design course, he encounters very big obstacles because it is not well established. That's why we did this course. In the course, we will work on a code indeed, meaning that. I mean, we will provide you with the basics of design that you can apply to or software in our world, so we will do this as well.

- We will start with an introductory lecture on design. Why is shit metal important? Why is it so widespread in Egypt? We will explain the design process. To know the steps of designing and manufacturing any product in the world, and my goal here is to build your brain as a designer.

- We are going to enter Solidworks. Introductory lecture. We will start from scratch at all, even if you are a solid worker, so I am thankful for starting from scratch in order to explain the basics and needs, away from the boring explanation of the tools.

- After that, we will talk about materials of their different types, pricing, K-Factor and Bend radius calculations, and we will apply to the program with a small project. Take care, are you from another lecturer who got a job?

- After that, we will enter into the manufacturing methods (used machines + methods of connection)

- After that, an Indian is a full lecture on Reverse Engineering, and my goal in this lecture is that you see any product you know you can imagine and reverse engineer it correctly. We will take an entire project and do it together

- After that, we will talk about the rules of infinity design and the rules of fanaticism so that you know how to provide the material and the product with a good fanatic. I also have a rule like this that says “there is no design, we do it on the computer and I know how to implement it 100% on the ground” and this is due to very many considerations such as.. related b The worker who is standing on the machine and the rules of design and others.

- After that, we will take big projects like this


and electrical panels

and metal furniture

- After that, we will enter the Autodesk Inventor program and give you a full lecture on it.. so that you know how to work on solid and inventor.

- We will conclude by expressing design to manufacturing. And working people. We will open the AutoCAD program and prepare the drawings so that you can enter the laser machine... and how to make artistic paintings that any technician can understand.

- How long did I learn 3 programs?

- SolidWorks

- Autodesk inventor

- Autocad

- Cut out the basics of design so that if you intend to continue in the field of designing machines and production lines.

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