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Course Creation and Marketing for Beginners - 5 Courses in 1 Coupon
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[84% Off] Course Creation and Marketing for Beginners - 5 Courses in 1 Course Coupon

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Course creation, selling, and marketing. You'll learn all the methods and processes that have given me amazing results

3.0 hr
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By the end of these five courses, you will create online courses easier, faster, and get great sales results.

All these methods and processes make everything easier and faster for me. They also give the great sales resutls.

My name is Ian Stables. I have more than 100,000 students and have created thirty-eight online courses.

My intention with these courses is to help beginning instructors be more successful.

When I started out creating and selling online, I struggled with the same things you do. I had trouble coming up with ideas, creating courses, recording video lectures, getting my courses to sell, and marketing.

I got every book I could find, watched lots of courses created by top instructors, and watched countless Youtube videos. I've done a lot of thinking and coming up with new ideas.

In the end it was all worth it. I absolutely love what I can do now and the results I get. In these five courses, I teach you everything I've discovered. It all works.

Here are the five courses:

Course #1

Beginners Course Creation: Endless Course Ideas in Minutes: System I use that finds unlimited profitable online course subjects... in minutes - Simple - Works every time

I used to struggle coming up with course ideas. Not any more. Not anymore. Now I know the best type of subject and where to find endless profitable course ideas.

- Find endless course subject ideas in minutes

- Always have a subject that's easier to create a course with

- Lists of endless profitable course subjects

- Find out in minutes if your course subject will sell

- Three things that make your course very desirable

- How to make your course the student's choice

Course #2

Beginners Course Creation - Create a Complete Outline Fast: When I developed this process, my course creation speed increased dramatically - Step-by-step process - Use immediately

Let me tell you... When I developed this process, the speed I created Udemy courses increased dramatically.

- Create quality course outlines faster

- The best and easier course to create

- The first step that makes everything far easier

- The ideal lecture process and what to include

- How to easily add the important knowledge

- Add teaching methods - These make you a great teacher

- Seven things make them watch your lectures

- What to add to outlines that speed up course creation

- Two ways to check for missing parts

- My special method - Makes sure you're ready to record lectures

- Ready made introduction and conclusion outlines

- How to always keep improving your course

Course #3

Beginners Course Creation: Make Recording Lectures Easy: No more nerves or stumbling - These methods and techniques allow you to record your course video lectures so much easier

When I discovered these methods and techniques, it became so much easier and faster when recording my course lectures. I'm relaxed now and actually enjoy the experience.

- Easier relaxed way to record your lectures

- How to get quality equipment at low prices

- What to show while you record

- Four techniques I discovered make recording easier

- Two easy ways to sound professional

- Simple method to make demonstrations run smoothly

- The words to help them understand you

- Ideal lecture length and what to include

- Two simple ways to edit your videos

- Fast way to upload your lectures

Course #4

Beginners Course Selling: How I Make My Online Courses Sell: The methods and formulas proven to make online courses sell - What I've diiscovered to get the most sales

The methods and formulas I teach you in this course have got me great results.

- Design powerful course landing pages that really do get sales

- Most important thing that gets big results

- How to make your course curriculum sell

- My proven course description writing formula

- How to make your course title grab students

- How to get course at the top of search results

- Proven promo video formula that really does get the sale

- The best price for the best results

Course #5

Beginners Online Course Marketing; The Few Methods that Work: Most methods give little results - These are the few that get most course sales - Save time and focus on what works

My course sales dramatically increased when I discovered these few marketing methods.

- The few course marketing methods that get big results

- Universal rule - Why few methods get most results

- Surprisingly effective way to market using Kindle books

- Get other people to market your course for free

- The effective way to market with your last course lecture

- The fastest way to build your audience to market to

- What gets me amazing results from promotional messages

- What gets me amazing results from promotional messages

- How something new gets great results

- The irresistible offer (This is a game changer)

- Powerful testimonial method

- What to leave out that jumps results

- Way to write messages that get better results

- The promo message length that increased sales

- Message subjects that get me the most results

- What I discovered is the best time to send promotional messages

- A very fast way of creating promotional announcements

You get personal help from me at any time

If you need any help, just post your question in the Q&A section of the course.

I will get back to you as fast as I can. Usually the same day. It may be two or three days at times, like weekends or holiday.

Special bonus:

When you enroll in this course, you will be able to ask me to help you increase your results.

If you request it, I will take a look at your courses to suggest changes to improve your sales. I will help you with course creation and marketing. Whatever you want help with, just let me know.

Just post your request in the Q&A section of the course.

Enroll now and learn everything I know to be successful.

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