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Course 11: SQL Server 2019 on Windows Server 2019 Series Coupon
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[79% Off] Course 11: SQL Server 2019 on Windows Server 2019 Series Course Coupon

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SQL Server 2019 installation with fail over clustering on Windows server 2019, Entry point for Database Administration

3.0 hr
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The students who have taken our previous courses know that we like to go deep with all the technologies we work on and therefore to fulfill that need we develop courses in big series and this chain of courses help students to not only understand the technology itself but confidently implement it in their enterprise, prepare for and crack any interviews and also update their skills.   

This SQL series is comprising of 3 courses containing more than 30 Hours of intensive training. These courses are as follows:

Course 11: SQL Server 2019 on Windows Server 2019 & Fail over cluster.

Course 12: SQL Server 2019 on Linux & Azure.

Course 13: SQL Server 2019 Administration.

Course outline :

Before checking the course outline we would like to add very important note, The Network and Infrastructure used in this course was created in our Course 1: Set Windows server 2019 network -Microsoft series, where we created the virtual environment for all the courses we have developed so far.

Why we did that ?

Simply because we don't want to waste your time by creating the Source virtual machine, network adapters, router and other infrastructure again and again. We want to give you REAL-TIME Industry experience by integrating different technologies in one BIG NETWORK and it will allow students to apply computer and technology skills to learning and problem-solving.

Now let us discuss the course outline in details.

This is SQL Fundamentals course for Beginners comprises of theories and LABS.

This course is divided into 4 segments:

Segment 1: Prepare your Network to install SQL SERVER 2019 on Windows server 2019

Starting from Section 1 to Section 4, you will learn about,

- New features of SQL server 2019

- Understanding the prerequisites to install SQL server 2019 on existing network which we created together in course 1: Set Windows server 2019 network -Microsoft series

- Installing 1st instance of single SQL server 2019, SQL Server Management studio 18

- Perform remote access and create snapshots.

Segment 2 : Get your basics sorted for advance topics

From Section 5 to Section 9, this segment will teach you about fundamentals of database. As an administrator it is required to understand all the terminologies related to databases for better administration of the product. We will learn the basics of following topics:

Module 1: ‘Introduction to Databases’ introduces key database concepts in the context of SQL Server 2019

Module 2: ‘Data Modelling’ describes a number of data modelling techniques.

Module 3: ‘Normalization’ introduces the concept of normalization and describes normalization and denormalization techniques.

Module 4: ‘Relationships’ describes the different types of relationship and their effects in database design.

Module 5: ‘Performance’ describes the effects of database design on performance.

Module 6: ‘Database Objects’ introduces commonly used database object.

** Expect to have some theories which might be a bit boring :(

Segment 3: Let us perform Hands-on with loads and loads of LABS

Section 10 is very interesting because we have prepared LABS(Project) for you to practice all the concepts that we learned together in Segment 2.

Segment 4: SQL Server 2019 Fail over clustering

Starting from Section 11 we will perform the following LABS

A- Create domain service accounts

B- Install 1st Fail over cluster instance of SQL server 2019

C- Install 2nd Fail over cluster instance of SQL server 2019

D- Test the reliability of SQL Server 2019 Fail over cluster.

E- Move DB from single SQL server 2019 into SQL server 2019 fail over cluster to achieve High Availability.

By finishing this course , you will be prepared and ready to take next Course 12: SQL Server 2019 on Linux & Azure.


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