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Corporate Strategy 101 Coupon

[25% Off] Corporate Strategy 101 Course Coupon

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Learn Corporate Strategy from the basics

3.0 hr
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Corporate Strategy refers to strategic decision-making by looking across all of a firm’s businesses to determine how to create the most value. A corporate strategy entails a clearly defined, long-term vision for the company.

In order to develop a corporate strategy, firms must look at how the various business they own fit together, how they impact each other and how they can be connected to each other(exploring synergies)

Course Layout


What is Corporate Strategy?

Corporate Strategy vs Business Strategy

Why is corporate strategy important? Part 1

Why is corporate strategy important? Part 2

Corporate Strategy

What are the Components of Corporate Strategy?

Allocation of Resources

Organizational Design

Portfolio Management

Strategic Tradeoffs

Strategic Tradeoffs: Generating returns

Strategic Tradeoffs: Incentives


What are synergies?

Types of corporate strategy

Types of corporate strategy

Growth Strategy

Concentration Growth Strategy

Vertical and Horizontal Integration Concentration Growth Strategy


Reasons companies use Diversification Strategies

Conglomerate growth

Stability Strategies


Stay-as-it-is strategy

Retrenchment strategy

Turnaround strategy


Re-invention strategies

Evolutionary strategies

Revolutionary strategies

Porter's five forces

Porter’s 5 forces

Competition in the Industry

Potential of new entrants into the industry

Power of suppliers

Power of customers

Threat of substitute products

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