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How to Become a Leader and Inprove your Leadership Influence, Leadership Training, Team Management
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Vishal Choudhary
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[100% Off] Corporate Leadership and Management Skills Udemy Coupon

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This course is Step by Step guide with 18 high quality videos created in professional studio. It covers all aspect of Leadership Vision, mission, Strategy, Goal setting, Communication, Conducting effective Meetings, Reviews, Time Management, Delegation, Use of Technology for current day Leaders, Up-skilling self and Team, Cross Training, Creating your own substitute, Prepare for next role. 
Learn Strategies for effective leadership as a new Manager, You will learn adapting to a new role with increased responsibilities, new managers must learn to be leaders and explore how to communicate effectively with employees, fellow managers, and senior executives. Learn everything you need to know as a new manager to lead a team effectively, coach with confidence and make better decisions. A complete course to be an effective Leader

Instructors: Vishal Choudhary

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