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Consistent Compounding by Investment in Stock Markets & ETFs Coupon
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[83% Off] Consistent Compounding by Investment in Stock Markets & ETFs Course Coupon

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Creating Value in Indian and Foreign Stocks Portfolio & Exchange Traded Funds (Index ETF's) by Investing without trading

3.5 hr
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Hi friends,

This course aims to help you Create wealth for yourself by Consistently Compounding your money through Investment in Quality Stocks and Exchange Traded Funds(ETFs).

The course will tell you that how only through investing and without trading compounding works over long period of time.

It will highlight why Consistent Compounding is more important than mere compounding.

The course will try to address the common investor Questions like :

  1. Does Stock Market Creates wealth ?

  2. What are the essentials for successful Stock Market Investor?

  3. How much returns to Expect from ETFs and Consistent Compounder Portfolio?

  4. Which investment strategy to choose ETF or Consistent Compounder Portfolio?

  5. Whether stock market can be timed?

  6. How many Stocks one should have in the portfolio?

  7. What are market cycles and how to benefit from them?

  8. What are the common Mistakes investors make while buying an ETF ?

  9. What are different types of ETF?

  10. What is the difference between Mutual Fund and ETFs?

  11. Whether one should always remain invested?

  12. What are the two most important rules of stock market?

  13. What is most common make investor make? Watering the weed and cutting down the tree/Roses.

The above list is indicative not exhaustive.

Then the course specifically covers ETFs and the various topics around ETFs which are comprehensive enough for the purpose of an Individual Investor. Topics would include

  1. What is an ETF?

  2. Types of ETF (Index ETF) ?

  3. Mistakes to avoid while buying an ETF?

  4. Returns from different ETF types?

  5. Market Cycle and their importance w.r.t to some ETF Types.

Thereafter course will highlight as to what are Consistent Compounder Stocks , How to Identify them , When to enter them and when to exit them.

The course will help to identify most important aspects of a Good Quality Company or a consistent Compounder Company. The topics would include:

  1. Quality Management (Including the  behavioral aspects)

  2. Moat

  3. Monopoly business

  4. Growth

  5. Longevity

The course will also help understand the most important financial metrics of company, like

  1. ROCE

  2. Sales Growth and why it is more important then mere revenue growth

  3. Cash Flow

  4. Cash Conversion Cycle

All the topics are dealt in way that anyone without a financial background will be able to understand.

At the end of the course you will see ETF and Stocks from a different angle. You will be able to manage your risk for better returns.

You will understand why capital protection is most important and how can we achieve it.

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