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Computer Network Fundamentals- IT Helpdesk & Desktop Support Coupon
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[50% Off] Computer Network Fundamentals- IT Helpdesk & Desktop Support Course Coupon

Updated: by Ahmad
Duration: 3.0 hours

Learn the basic fundamentals of computer networking & OSI model for desktop support and IT service desk technicians

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Over this course, you'll learn some of the basic fundamentals surrounding computer networking and the OSI Model, topics include the following:

* Switches vs Hubs

* Half duplex and full duplex data transmissions

* IPv4 and IPv6

* Quality of Service (QoS) and how this works

* High level explanations of each layer of the OSI Model and how they relate to networking.

Whilst this is mainly aimed at beginners, this course may also be useful as a refresher for anyone who has been the industry for a year or two and is looking to move up the career ladder, i.e. if you are currently a service desk technician and are looking to move up to desktop or even infrastructure / network support in the future.

Note that whilst the information on this course was correct at the time of creation, it may be updated from time to time as technology improves and moves on. For example, if there is a time when IPv6 starts to become widely used, additional information will be added accordingly. Although at the time of writing IPv4 is primarily used, this doesn't mean you won't encounter IPv6 every now and again.

Also included are some real-world examples of how the OSI Model is applied in a corporate environment, as well as how troubleshooting tasks make use of this model.

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