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CompTIA Server+ Certification Exam practice test 2022 Coupon
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About CompTIA Server+ Exam

The CompTIA Server+  exam has been developed with the aim to evaluate the skills of candidates working as IT professionals. The CompTIA Server+  exam assists candidates to build skills to learn and use the server and storage systems in the IT industry. It is suggested to hold experience for A+ Certification. Also, it is suggested for individuals with 18 to 24 months of IT experience.

Skills Validated

The CompTIA Server+  exam aims at developing the necessary skills to be a server administrator. Some of the important skills include -

  • Performing virtualization

  • Learn about storage systems

  • Understand security concepts

  • Overview of Troubleshooting

CompTIA Server+  Course Outline

The CompTIA Server+ (SK0-004) Exam covers the following topics -

DOMAIN 1 - Understanding Server Architecture

  • Understand the objectives and function of server form factors

  • Learn the process of installation, configuration and maintain server components

  • Understand power and cooling components

DOMAIN 2 - Describe Server Administration

  • Understand Installation and configuration of server operating systems

  • Describe server roles and their requirements

  • Learn to use and implement access and control methods to administer a server

  • Understand and perform server maintenance techniques

  • Describe the significance of asset management and documentation

  • Learn about the objective and operation of virtualization components

DOMAIN 3 - Understanding Storage Concepts

  • Learn installation and deployment of primary storage devices based on given specifications and interfaces

  • Learn the configuration of RAID using best practices

  • Describe hardware and storage technologies features

  • Learn to calculate storage capacity for future growth

DOMAIN 4 - Overview of Security Methods

  • Describe concepts of physical security methods

  • Learn the application of server hardening techniques

  • Understand network security systems and protocols

  • Learn and execute logical access control methods as per the company policy

  • Learn and execute data security methods

  • Understand secure storage disposal techniques

  • Learn and execute techniques of environmental controls

DOMAIN 5 - Understand Networking Features

  • Learn and configure servers for using IP address and network infrastructure services

  • Describe ports and protocols

  • Understand installation of cables and execute proper cable management procedures

DOMAIN 6 - Overview of Disaster Recovery

  • Understand the principles of disaster recovery

  • Learn and execute suitable backup techniques

DOMAIN 7 - Understanding Troubleshooting Concepts

  • Understand troubleshooting theory and methods

  • Learn to troubleshoot hardware problems

  • Learn suitable tools and methods

  • Understand and troubleshoot software problems

  • Learn to diagnose network problems with suitable tools

  • Understand troubleshoot storage problems suggest solutions

  • Learn to effectively diagnose security issues and suggest solutions

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