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CompTIA JK0-701 E2C + Essentials Practice Exam - 1 Coupon
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[-6% Off] CompTIA JK0-701 E2C + Essentials Practice Exam - 1 Course Coupon

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Attend this CompTIA JK0-701 E2C + Essentials Practice Exam - 1 will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam

1.0 hr
170$ 159.99$
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Sample Questions

Q) Technician gets the Windows laptop that was not correctly work with the user to change some settings in the registry errors. Which of the following factors should be taken first?

a) Reset CMOS

b) Rolling back to a restore point

c) Booting into Safe Mode

d) Reconfiguring the BIOS

e) None

Q) The client wants to connect an external projector to a laptop. The projector is connected to an external video port, but the video is not displayed on the projector. Which of the following will correct this problem?

a) Updating the BIOS.

b) Release the LCD switch is cut.

c) Switch the WiFi switch.

d) Switch the Fn key.

e) None

Q) Technician determined that the primary hard drive is defective and not the hard drive has been replaced. In accordance with the process of finding and troubleshooting, which of the following steps will be next?

a) Configuration document.

b) In order to establish the possible cause.

c) Check out the full operation of the system.

d) User question.

e) None

Q) Which of the following versions of Windows Vista can be installed on a system with 512MB of RAM and 40GB HDD?

a) Home Basic

b) Home Premium

c) finite

d) Business

e) None

Q) Which of the following is an example of the manufacturer's image is stored on the hard drive?

a) Factory Recovery Partition

b) OEM-version

c) Recovery CD

d) Network installation

e) None

Q) The technician is trying to establish the previous generation of expansion cards for your new laptop. However, the card refuses to fit into the expansion slot. Which of the following is most likely reason?

a) The card must be compatible jumpers set before it can be installed in the system.

b) The map is a PCI Express card and laptop supports PCMCIA.

c) The expansion slot is to be first included in the BIOS.

d) The card is a PCMCIA-card and a laptop computer supports PCI Express cards.

e) None

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