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CompTIA Cloud+  exam is the only globally acknowledged, vendor-neutral certification employing key industry systems and major cloud concepts that prove data-driven cloud recommendations. CompTIA attains alone in this field by proving that all essential staff members – not just the IT specialists.  demonstrates an emphasis on combining and managing cloud technologies as part of broader systems operations. For this certification, a candidate will weave together solutions that meet unique business needs and work in a variety of different associations.

Who should take the CompTIA  Exam?

The CompTIA Cloud+ certification exam is most suitable for the following candidates-

  • System Administrator

  • Systems Engineer

  • Network Administrator

  • Network Engineer

  • Cloud Developer

  • Cloud Specialist

  • Project Manager,

  • Cloud Computing Services

  • Cloud Engineer Manager,

  • Data Center SANs

  • Business Analyst,

  • Cloud Computing

Learning Objectives

The CompTIA Cloud+  exam will certify the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills required to:

  • Learn the standard cloud methodologies

  • Perform, maintain and deliver cloud technologies (e.g., network, storage and virtualization technologies

  • Learn all the aspects of IT security and use industry best practices related to cloud implementations


Domain 1: Configuration and Deployment 24%

  • Analyzing system requirements to ensure successful system deployment

  • Executing a provided deployment plan

  • Analyzing system requirements to determine if a given testing plan is appropriate

  • Analyzing testing results to determine if the testing was successful in relation to the given system requirements.

  • Analyzing sizing, subnetting, and basic routing for a provided deployment of the virtual network

  • Analyzing CPU and memory sizing for a provided deployment

  • Analyzing the appropriate storage type and protection capability for a provided deployment

  • Analyzing the characteristics of the workload (storage, network, compute) to ensure a successful migration

  • Applying elements required to extend the infrastructure into a given cloud solution

Domain 2: Security 16%

  • Applying security configurations and compliance controls to meet given cloud infrastructure requirements

  • Applying the appropriate ACL to the target objects to meet access requirements according to a security template

  • Implementing defined security technologies to meet given security requirements.

  • Applying the appropriate security automation technique to the target system

Domain 3: Maintenance 18%

  • Determining the appropriate methodology to apply given patches

  • Applying the appropriate automation tools to update cloud elements

  • Applying an appropriate backup or restore method

  • Applying appropriate disaster recovery methods

  • Applying the appropriate steps to ensure business continuity

  • Applying the appropriate maintenance automation technique to the target objects

Domain 4: Management 20%

  • Analyzing defined metrics to determine the presence of an abnormality and/or forecast future needed cloud resources

  • Determining the appropriate location of cloud resources

  • Determining when to provision/de-provision cloud resources

  • Implementing account provisioning techniques in a cloud environment to meet security and policy requirements

  • Analyzing deployment results to confirm they meet the baseline

  • Applying appropriate changes to meet expected criteria

  • Determining the appropriate metrics to report

Domain 5: Troubleshooting 22%

  • Troubleshooting a deployment issue

  • Troubleshooting common capacity issues

  • Troubleshooting automation/orchestration issues

  • Troubleshooting connectivity issues

  • Troubleshooting security issues

  • Explaining the troubleshooting methodology

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