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CompTIA CAS-002 Advanced Security Practitioner Exam - 2 Coupon
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[-7% Off] CompTIA CAS-002 Advanced Security Practitioner Exam - 2 Course Coupon

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Attend this CompTIA CAS-002 Advanced Security Practitioner Exam - 2 will get a Good Score 80% on Main Exam

1.0 hr
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Sample Questions

Q) IT Security Analyst for a small organization running on the client system and identifies the possible invasion of the database that contains the PII. As PII is involved, an analyst wants to get this issue is addressed as soon as possible. Which of the following is the first step the analyst should take to mitigate the effects of potential invasion?

a) Contact with the local authorities, so the investigation can be initiated as soon as possible.

b) Contact with the local authorities, so the investigation can be initiated as soon as possible.

c) Disabling the Web server and notify by e-mail client, to determine how the client would like to continue.

d) Send to question the treatment in accordance with the process of responding to incidents.

e) None

Q) Chief Information Security (CISO) in a large organization is reviewing several incidents of security in the organization and comparing them with current industry trends. desktop security engineer believes that the use of the storage device to the USB-office computers contributed frequency of security incidents. CISO knows the acceptable use policy prohibits the use of USB storage devices. Each user receives a pop-up warning about this policy when entering the system. SIEM system generates a report about violations of USB on a monthly basis; yet violations continue to occur. Which of the following preventive control is most effectively mitigate the logical risks associated with the use of USB storage devices?

a) Revision of the corporate policy include possible termination of the violation

b) Increasing the frequency and distribution of USB violations report

c) Deploying PKI add reliability to logon sessions so criminals can not deny the crime

d) Implementation of the Group Policy Object

e) None

Q) XYZ company finds itself, using more cloud-based business tools, and password management becomes burdensome. Security is important for the company; as a result of replication of passwords and general account are not acceptable. Which of the following implementations addresses distributed input in the system with a centralized authentication, and has a broad compatibility between SaaS providers?

a) Set authentication service cloud that supports SAML.

b) Diameter implement a new authentication server certification is read-only.

c) Set directory server read-only activity in the corporate jo for the federation.

d) Allow outbound connections to the existing RADIUS server enterprise

e) None

Q) Network engineer wants to deploy a user-based authentication across wired and wireless infrastructure companies on the level 2 of the OSI model. Company policy requires that users and centralized management of authentication and access to the network for each user can be controlled based on the user's role in the company. Furthermore, the central authentication system must maintain the hierarchical trust and ability to initially authenticate mobile devices and desktops. Which of the following are required for the implementation of these requirements? (Choose two).





e) shibboleth

Q) Company CIO (CIO) are not sure which set of standards should determine the policy of the IT companies. CIO hired consultants to develop use cases for testing against a variety of government and security industry standards. CIO is convinced that there is a large overlap between the configuration checks and security controls that govern each set of standards. Which of the following is the best option for the CIO?

a) Issue a Request for quote providers a complete solution for vulnerability management and risk for the company.

b) policy problem, which requires only a majority of the strict security standards to be implemented throughout the company.

c) Issue a policy that defines the best practice safety standards and the basic level, which will be implemented throughout the company

d) Issue the RFI for suppliers to determine which set of security standards is best suited for the company.

e) None

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