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Learn Everything about Complex Numbers from Scratch , with step by step Explanation on Whiteboard for Complete Beginners
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Ahmed Mahdy
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[100% Off] Complete Complex Numbers Course for Electrical Engineering Udemy Coupon

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Welcome to my own course for complex numbers:

This course is designed for complete beginners and newbies who wants to learn everything about complex numbers.

In this course we will understand the meaning of Imaginary Numbers and their Properties, then we will discuss the Complex numbers , their Operations and their properties.

we will talk about the Graphical representation of Complex Numbers,Polar form, Trigonometric Form and Exponential Form, we will also have solved step by step examples on each of these Topics.

we will discuss the cubic roots of Unity and have various solved examples on them.

in this course i use whiteboard to help you understand each single step of the equations because My Mission is to let you 100% confident and Understand every aspect of Complex Numbers.

For any Question , you can ask me directly on Udemy.

See you in my Course !

Instructors: Ahmed Mahdy

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