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Complete Watercolour Techniques: Beginner to Advanced Coupon

[57% Off] Complete Watercolour Techniques: Beginner to Advanced Course Coupon

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Create Beautiful Nature Themed Artworks

4.5 hr
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Welcome to the Complete Watercolour Techniques: Beginner to Advanced course. This course tends to teach all the fundamentals of watercolour painting as well as trying out different samples during which different methods and techniques of watercolour paintings will be taught.

This step by step course consists of HD video tutorials that are designed in a way to help anyone who loves to learn watercolour painting to become familiar with the basics, know the fundamentals, learn the different techniques and master the craft through all the samples and assignments of this course.

This is why in this course we start with an introduction of different tools and materials and the different ways of using them through fun simple examples. It is important that first you have fun with your watercolors! Then we will introduce different colours and teach you through examples how watercolour paints work, how they combine with one another and how you fade and create texture with watercolour paints.

We will then introduce different watercolour techniques such as wet on wet, wet on dry and dry on dry brush effects. We will teach you how to use different objects and materials around yourself to create more textures and add different feelings to your works of art. You will apply the techniques you have learnt to tree and branch paintings before then moving onto fruit watercolors. You will learn how to use white gouache and create light and shadows determined by pigment and brush pressure.

Through different nature themed samples that are carefully chosen and provided for you in this course, you will practise all these different techniques while working on different samples, and as a result, at the end you not only have learned the techniques, but you have also painted beautiful nature landscapes and portraits that you are proud of.

Each part of this course is accompanied by FREE additional resources and assignments, making this a step by step, all in one course for anyone who wishes to learn how to paint with watercolours. There is no need for prior knowledge and experience in watercolour painting in order to follow this course. As long as you follow the steps and go through the assignments you will be able to move forward and learn the different techniques and methods provided in this course.

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