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Complete Human Resource Management setup workflow & toolkit Coupon

[62% Off] Complete Human Resource Management setup workflow & toolkit Course Coupon

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Get full access to: Ready to Use 1000 plus HR Docs, Letters, Formats, Policies, eBooks, presentations & Calculators

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Our Complete HR Department Setup workflow and Toolkit Box contains multiple HR Files, Formats, Templates, Presentations, Payroll & Statutory Compliance Calculation Sheets, Labour Laws, HR Policies and Handbooks which we have collected from last 20 years from Many HR Professionals and Industry Experts. Download all the human resources policies, letters, checklists, templates, best practices, forms and formats you need to manage employees at your business.

It contains tools, processes, and documents to manage and formalize the HR Department. The users can customize the content to suit their organization’s need by analysing the gaps in their existing HR processes.

HR’s about people, not paperwork. So we’ve nailed the bulk of the admin for you. Pick what you need—job description, email template, company policy or practical tips on a task that’s new. Then get back to what matters—finding, hiring and developing great talent.

Get ahead with our 1000+ HR templates

Don't start from scratch. Prepped, primed and good-to-go, our 1000+ HR templates give pace to your process. So, whether it’s labor law research for a company policy or SEO-optimization for a job description, we’ve got you covered.

Get access to documents related different special HR/Business/Management related process like Survey, Management reports, Psychometric assessments, Audits, Budgeting, Planning, standardization, and leadership development. Hands-on understanding and full access to sample complete training programs. Skill development, competency mapping, KRA setting and Job description. Start and run the complete payroll function in an organization using an excel, generate payslips, manage all the compliance or legal requirements, and provide time employee fringe benefits. 100 types of ready to use templates of HR Letters/Communication/Notice/Agreements, 2000 Interview questions, survey questions, process questions, personality development model and HR eBooks

HR tutorials for hands-on help

If hiring’s the answer, what’s the question? With HR, it could be anything from: “How do I post a JD?” to “What company policies should I put in writing?” Get some help! Our tutorials cover everything under the HR sun, so you can shine light on what you need in a click.

What is included in a HR Toolkit?

· HR Toolkit: Elements of an Effective HR Function.

· HR Strategic Management.

· Compliance / Risk Management.

· Workforce Planning and Employment.

· Employee Engagement.

· Performance Management.

· Total Rewards (Compensation and Benefits)

· Many More………….

The 4 Level workflow of HR Department setup

Level1: Department Workflow and Hierarchy, Manual

Level2: HR Polices, Processes and Guidelines

Level3: HR Forms, Letters, templates, and Frameworks

Level4: HR Reports, Dashboards and Presentations

Part1: Human Resource Management Operation, Policy and Process

1. Introduction to the Course and Instructor

2. HR department structure and Model

· HR Department Structure

· Document Master List

· HR Workflow Model

3. HR Manual and Policy

· Sample HR Manual

· Ready to use HR Manual Template

· Sample Employee Handbook

· Sample HR Policies

4. Recruitment and Hiring

· Recruitment Policy and Process flow

· Recruitment Forms

· Recruitment Letters

· Recruitment Report

5. Onboarding and Joining

· Policy and Process flow

· Forms

· Letters

· Reports

6. Performance evaluation and review

· Policy and Process flow

· KRA Details and Descriptions

· Forms

· Letters

· Reports

7. Training and Development

· Policy and Process flow

· Forms

· Reports

· Calendars

8. Rewards and Recognition

· Policy and Process flow

· Forms

· Reports

9. Employee Engagement

· Policy and Process flow

· Surveys

· Models

· Analysis

10. Talent Management

· Forms

· Reports

11. Career Development

· Presentations

· Strategies

· Plan

· Workflow

12. Payroll and Salary

· Payroll sheet

· Automated Calculation

· Records

13. Statutory Compliance (India, US, UK)

· Statutory Forms

· Rules

· Guidelines

14. Employee Benefit

· Policy

· Guidelines

15. Discipline

· Policy and Guidelines

· Letters

· Presentation

16. Grievance Management

· Policy and Guidelines

· Workflow

· Forms

17. Exit or separation

· Policy and Process flow

· Forms

· Letters

· Reports

Part2: Human Resource Management Formats, Reports and Communication

18. Employee Communication

19. Employment Letters

20. Management Report and Dashboards

21. Agreements

22. Interview Questions and Evaluations

On Demand Policy, Template, Form, Format, Letter delivery

  • First time you will get the On-Demand Policy, Template, Form, Format, Letter delivery.

  • You are unbale to find the document you require, name it we deliver it.

  • Maximum additional 5 documents per enrolment/registration

Register now and get the free update of phase 2: To be uploaded soon…..

  1. Personality Development

  2. HR Presentations

  3. Organizational Development

  4. Psychometric Assessments

  5. HRBP

  6. SHRM

  7. HR Shared Service

  8. JD Manual

  9. HR Audit

  10. HR Budget and Planning

  11. Competency Mapping

  12. HR Measurement and Calculations

  13. Excel Automation templates

  14. Standardization Guide

  15. Document Labelling and change management guide

  16. HR eBooks

  17. Leadership-HR Management

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