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Complete Agile Scrum Master Certification 2023 - PSM 1 Coupon
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[-0% Off] Complete Agile Scrum Master Certification 2023 - PSM 1 Course Coupon

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Learn various Scrum principles, different phases of Scrum, roles of Scrum, Scrum events, artefacts and values

9.5 hr
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An overview of the scrum methodology will be introduced here. Why scrum is a good choice will be explained. The most popularly accepted agile method is scrum. The traditional project methods have their limitations whereas scrum has solutions. It provides the initiation, execution, and overall control of the project. At the scrum, the scrum master, the product owner, and the scrum or development team will work together to deliver the service or project. The focus is on the customer.

The 6 scrum principles will be explained which include

Empirical process control



Priority-based on values



Various reasons will be discussed here to make it easier to decide why to choose scrum, for eg.

  • scrum vs project management

  • scrum is proving beneficial in quite a few grounds

  • 3 different phases of scrum which include a planning phase, sprints and finally closure phase

  • Initiate phase

  • The phase where planning is done and estimation given

  • Implementation phase

  • The phase where things are analyzed and reconsidered

  • The phase where the service is released

  • Various agile methods

  • History of scrum

The introduction of the various aspects of the scrum will be done here, the different roles of scrum discussed. The scrum master is identified, his responsibilities are highlighted and his power is explained. The product owner is also recognized, his responsibilities and control discussed. The development team of scrum is responsible for the quality, rapid changes if required.

How any risk might affect the scrum process is also found in this curriculum.

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