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Communication Mini Masterclass - Be More Engaging Coupon
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[25% Off] Communication Mini Masterclass - Be More Engaging Course Coupon

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Get What You Want Out of Every Conversation - Always Know What to Say - Be More Likeable and Interesting - Connect More

1.0 hr
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Imagine that every time you interact with someone, you’re persuasive, likable, and get what you want out of the conversation. Picture a version of yourself that is relaxed, at ease, comfortable and confident whether you’re talking to a new potential friend, a love interest, or a potential employer or high-profile executive.

With the right skills you can speak to people in a way that leaves them understanding you. With this type of communication skill you become memorable and can have an impact on other people. This means they’re listening to what you have to say. You can impress in a job interview, be the person everyone wants to talk to at a social event, be an understanding partner without being walked over, connect better with your children and family members, and earn the respect of colleagues and others around you.

If this sounds great to you, then I’d like to invite you to join on me on this Communication Mini Masterclass. I’m Jayme Wium, a communication and relationship counsellor with hands on communication coaching experience. What I want to tell you today is that there’s nothing stopping you from becoming a clear, open, and highly effective communicator. The only thing stopping you is your own mind. Often it’s what we think we can’t do are the biggest stumbling blocks towards our success. With this course, I will help you overcome the stumbling blocks that are holding you back from becoming the best possible version of yourself in every conversation, interaction, and encounter. And once you know and absorb the tips and communication hacks I am going to share with you, you won’t need to prepare for conversations and encounters – it will come naturally.

People aren’t born natural communicators. If you think about it, you couldn’t even speak when you were born. Communication is a learned skill. And you can learn that skill right here with me.

Firstly, you’re going to come across as confident, relaxed and comfortable in all types of communication scenarios – because you genuinely will be. Secondly, you will communicate in a way that others understand you and can relate to you. Thirdly, you’ll communicate in a way that makes you memorable, likeable, and attractive. And fourthly, you’ll enjoy communicating with other people because it won’t make you feel awkward, uncomfortable or out of place. And of course, you’ll be able to influence people into taking action in the way you want them to, which means you always get what you want out of your communication efforts.

After the final video recording, you will be required to complete the rest of the course via the printed downloadable documents. I have included worksheets, exercises, and several study articles to help expand on the tips and hacks included in the video footage. The rest of the course content is provided in printed media, for your convenience and for self-study. Of course, you are very welcome to reach out to me at any time with questions and even to provide me with tips and advice on how I can make my course better.

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