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Cold Emailing and Cold Calling Mastery Coupon

[67% Off] Cold Emailing and Cold Calling Mastery Course Coupon

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Find, Contact, Convert!

2.0 hr
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Every time you send an email or pick up the phone there's potential for your business to be bringing in revenue.

Who do you target?

What do you email them?

What do you say to them?

We will cover all of that in this course.

B2B sales is evolving. Cold emailing has become an essential part of lead generation in all settings. You and your team need to be doing the right activities to be in the lead generation business. If you aren't reaching out appropriately you are wasting time and wasting leads. You and your team need to know what converts into meetings and into sales so that you can optimize your time.

This course will help you Grow Your Customer Base Faster

These days Cold Emailing is part of a strong go to market strategy, especially for small businesses. Less people answer their phones than ever before. Emails have a higher chance of being opened than a Voicemail does of being listened to. A well thought email campaign can bring in high ROI with very little financial risk while a calling campaign can require multiple business development reps calling over a period of time and quickly become expensive.

Email marking is something you test, test, and retest. You can always work it a little better. You learn what opens in your industry and you learn what converts. Learning email mastery will not only help marketing and sales professionals to gain more revenue but it will help them to better understand what drives a prospect to engage in conversations and move through the buying process.

Learn where to quickly and easily find more leads for any industry

Cold calling is an essential sales skill that is often times over looked. You'll hear people say, "Cold Calling is dead", but the only people saying that aren't making cold calling effectively. Cold Calling is NOT dead. It's just evolving.

On a cold call you only have a few seconds to get someone's attention. To make the most of each call you need to have a purpose and a reason for calling. You need to know that you are calling prospects that you can help, otherwise you are wasting your time and effort.

By combining cold emailing and cold calling you create a power sales engine that generates consistent new clients for your business.

  • Be confident on the phone and know

    • How to approach cold calls

    • What questions to ask

    • When to ask

    • When to move calls forward and close/ask for next steps

In this course we will learn how to turn email addresses and phone numbers into qualified leads.

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