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Use Triplets to play chord accompaniment to create beautiful background music. Use Triplets to play 12/8 or 6/8 Ballad
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Rosa Suen
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[100% Off] Christmas Song: Play O Holy Night – different accompaniment Udemy Coupon

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In this course, I am going to demonstrate to you how to play beautiful accompaniment to the entire song: O Holy Night. 

Once you know how to apply to O Holy Night, you can play this kind of different ballad accompaniment to any songs in 6/8 time.

Here’s theSecret:  Use Both LH and RH Accompaniment with ballad, grouping and Runs

Course Instructions:

  • We will go through the entire song of O Holy Night from beginning to end

  • A quick demo of RH inversion is shown.  Since this course is for intermediate to advanced students, I will not go into detail of how inversions are formed. You can take the Piano Trick # 8 where I show the 3T6 handshape tutorials regarding how inversions are formed

  • You will learn rhythm – play in 12/8 and 6/8

  • You will learn 10 different ballad accompaniment to the first part  of O Holy Night

  • You will learn to play the change of Key section with Triplet Walking Bass

  • You will learn to put in Em Am Em Run with rolling waves

  • You will learn Grouping accompaniment to the second section of O Holy Night

These are the piano techniques you will learn to play accompaniment to the  entire song of O Holy Night

1.  Learn Chord Inversion Technique

2.  Learn 6/8 and 12/8 Rhythm Technique

3.  Learn Transfer Chord Technique for accompaniment

4.  Learn to play triplets Technique

5.  Play 10 Left Hand Ballad Accompaniment with variation in Triplets

6.  Play Grouping Accompaniment for Right Hand accompaniment

7. Play Grouping Accompaniment for Left Hand Accompaniment

8.  Combine LH and RH Grouping

9.  Learn Rolling Waves Technique

10.  Learn Triplet Walking Bass technique

You will learn the following 14  Ballad Accompaniment Variations:

LH  Accompaniment #1 – 12/8 – Double Time Ballad

LH  Accompaniment #2  – 12/8 – Simple Octave Ballad

LH  Accompaniment #3 – 12/8 – Octave Ballad up and down

LH Accompaniment # 4 – 12/8 –  Ballad Thumb Hop

LH Accompaniment #5 – 12/8 – Ballad 10 Hop to the 3rd

LH Accompaniment #6 – 12/8 – Ballad Cross over

LH Accompaniment #7 – 12/8 – Ballad 12

LH Accompaniment #8 – 12/8 – Ballad Hop 2 Octaves

LH Accompaniment #9 – 12/8 Ballad Dance with 2 Hands

LH Accompaniment #10 –  12/8  – Ballad Dance Variation

Learn Grouping Accompaniment!

LH Accomapniment  #11 – 12/8 –  Grouping Accompaniment

LH Accompaniment #12 – 12/8 Triplet Walking Bass

LH Accompaniment #13 – Line 4:   Runs – Am   Em    Dm

LH Accompaniment # 14 – 12/8 – Grouping (3 tones)




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Instructors: Rosa Suen

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