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Learn how to play positions with isolated pawn! Real strategies from Grandmasters games! Club players are welcome.
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Viktor Neustroev
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[100% Off] Chess Strategies: How To Play With Or Against Isolated Pawn Udemy Coupon

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If you want to become a strong player, it’s very important to know the strategy how to play with or against an isolated pawn. The importance of this topic is related to the fact that isolated pawn can arise from a huge number of openings: Queen’s Gambit, Queen’s Indian Defense, Nimzo-Indian Defense, French Defense, Caro-Kann Defense (Panov Attack) and even Sicilian Defense.

This course covers all possible plans how to play the positions with an isolated pawn.

There are 4 strategies how to play against isolated pawn: 

  • Obstruct enemy pieces
  • Pass the game into the endgame
  • Simplify the position
  • Turn an isolated pawn into a pair

And there are also 4 strategies for players who like to play with isolated pawn:

  • Make a breakout
  • Hold the enemy weak pawn
  • Start the attack on the kingside
  • Use c-file

Every strategy is explained by example of real game between 2 grandmasters.

And finally I prepared a quizz for you to practice at the end the course.

With this course you also get:

  • unlimited lifetime access at no extra costs
  • all future additional lectures, game examples
  • never any questions asked full 30 day money-back-in-full guarantee

I look forward to seeing you in class!



Instructors: Viktor Neustroev

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