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ChatGPT & Jasper AI: A Complete Guide to Prompt Engineering Coupon

[-0% Off] ChatGPT & Jasper AI: A Complete Guide to Prompt Engineering Course Coupon

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Discover the Power of Artificial Intelligence: Learn ChatGPT & Jasper AI through Innovative Prompt Engineering Technique

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"ChatGPT & Jasper AI: A Complete Guide to Prompt Engineering" is a groundbreaking, comprehensive triad course set, expertly curated by the Australian Institute of Training and Career Development (AITCD). This course is designed to immerse learners in the potential and power of artificial intelligence in the realm of content creation and digital marketing.

The course offers three unique learning modules, each consisting of 20 detailed lessons:

  1. ChatGPT Tutorial: This foundational module offers an immersive look at the capabilities and applications of OpenAI's cutting-edge language model, ChatGPT. Learners will gain a comprehensive understanding of the technology, learn how to start an account, create HTML instances, solve specific business problems, and gain insight into the future of ChatGPT.

  2. ChatGPT Masterclass: This advanced module delves into the professional use cases of ChatGPT. Learners will explore applications such as crafting compelling sales letters, headlines, launch emails, and more. The module also addresses how to create effective sales video scripts and implement AI with PowerPoint for design and accessibility.

  3. Jasper AI Marketing Masterclass: This module introduces learners to Jasper, a dynamic AI content generator. From setting up the Chrome Browser Extension, using templates, and improving and rewriting content, to creating unique value propositions and video content for YouTube, this module ensures a thorough understanding of Jasper's capabilities.

Key Highlights:

  • A comprehensive introduction to ChatGPT and Jasper AI, their functions, features, and capabilities.

  • In-depth tutorials on using AI to generate creative content, solve business problems, and streamline business processes.

  • Masterclass lessons on crafting persuasive sales letters, headlines, launch emails, video scripts, and more using ChatGPT.

  • Advanced techniques for using AI tools to create stunning designs and presentations.

  • Detailed instruction on using Jasper AI to improve, rewrite, and organize output content.

  • Strategies for leveraging AI to create engaging product names, personal bios, unique selling propositions, and video content.

Enroll in this course today to navigate the future of AI in content creation and digital marketing, enhancing your skills and reshaping your professional toolkit for the digital age.

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